Finish the semester strong

Hadassah Griffin, Staff Writer

It is finally the end of the semester, a couple of months ago we just started a new school year and now we are halfway done. The end of the semester can be very stressful trying to finish it all before the end, but I will give you some tips on how to finish strong.
Prioritize your work- Put the work first because fun doesn’t last, a bad GPA does. Good grades are necessary so when you put your work before anything, you will get good results.
Make a schedule- A schedule keeps you on track to finish your work and be successful. Whether is one test per day or 2 tests per day. When you have a reference that keeps you on task, it reminds you of exactly what you need to do every day.
Ask for help- This is so important because often times we are stuck and frustrated but one phone call or text could relieve all that agony. When you are stuck, ask for help from teachers.
Take a break from the screen- Not only is it bad for your eyes but it is bad for your mentally healthy for you to sit for a long period of time. When you try to power through you will get poor results
Motivate Yourself- We all need a little push, it is okay to verbally motivate yourself. Tell your self you got this, you’ll have a good GPA, I will do great on my semester exams. When you believe what you tell yourself, that will be the outcome.