New video program delivers news in a different way than ever seen with iHoot in the past

Austin Travis, Editor-in-Chief

The Owlside Productions team has been hard at work over the past couple of months to find the best way to deliver news in a different way than we’ve ever seen with iHoot: through video. Students have engaged in meetings and individual conversations to figure out what equipment is necessary for each role and to figure out the best methods to deliver the information for each individual section. The Owlside team put together a pilot video, which is basically a test run to see how things went. Things went so well with this first production, as a matter of a fact, that Mr. Clarke(the sponsor) and the rest of the Owlside team have decided to pass this off as our first video available to the public! This video, which is linked below, features Sophia Sokoll and McKinnley Rupp as the anchors and Eve Bamber, Austin Travis, and Hayden Rockaway as reporters. Enjoy!

Owlside Pilot2.mp4 – Google Drive