Kickstarting 2021!

Eylee Pennings

Every year on December 31st, people gather around before the new year and share resolutions. Goals, intentions, decisions, etc. Due to COVID those groups have been reduced in number, and traditions have been canceled. Despite the pandemic, we can still share resolutions!


What is A New Year’s Resolution?

To sum it up, it is when a person resolves to do some things to help them be a better person in the New Year. A New Year’s Resolution can be a goal, a continuation of good habits, or a bad habit they want to lose. These resolutions don’t have to be anything personal, but if it is, no worries. The only goal is to make the new year even better!


How can I find my New Year’s Resolutions?

Finding your resolution is simple, just ask yourself what you can do to improve yourself or improve the next year. Think about what bad habits or undesirable traits you want to lose. If you have a goal in mind for 2021(i.e. learn a language, finish a book series), think about what you can do to get to this goal.


How do I follow through on my resolutions?

Making your resolutions happen can be hard, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you will not always follow through on them. You aren’t totally perfect. Sometimes you forget or can’t help it, and that is ok! You just have to stay  motivated. Here are some steps that will help you follow through with your intentions for  2021.

  • Expect to fail sometimes
  • Reward yourself when you succeed
  • Use the whole year–you have 365 days, USE every day!
  • Stay motivated and determined- don’t give up when it gets hard
  • Stay positive- focus on the positive aspects of your outcome


Owl’s resolutions

Nina Gameros’ resolutions include keeping her room clean, using more eco-friendly choices, and getting over her fear of stinging insects.


Sophia Sokoll plans on getting and maintaining good grades, drinking enough water, and exercising more often.


Ezra Rajagopal plans to get and keep up good grades, become more active, and keep his room clean in 2021!


Linden Pennings hopes to keep up good grades, and focus on self care in the new year.


Mia Sanchez plans to obtain and maintain good grades, become more physically active, and keep her room clean.


Natalie Mclaren’s resolutions also involve exercising more, drinking enough water, and using more products that are green and environment friendly.


Eve Bamber’s New Year’s resolutions are to keeping up her good grades, drinking enough water, and further developing friendships.


Sofia Lopez has some New Year’s resolutions that include using more environment friendly choices and using less electronics.


Kayla Thomas- Getting and maintaining good grades, getting better at the violin, and losing the habit of nail-biting.


Owen Labay’s resolutions are to drink enough water, to keep his room clean, and to be more organized and responsible.


Salma Abdulkarim’s New Year’s resolutions include drinking enough water, getting rid of her habit of procrastinating, and exercising more often.


2021 is only the start of a new year! When you set New Year’s resolutions, you can ensure a great and better year! If you stay motivated and find a strategy that works, you can follow through on your resolutions. Have a great 2021!