Owlsome Photos from Our Owls

          Sometimes people see photography as a way to just capture photos, but photography is a great way to capture emotions and thoughts. It takes skills, knowledge, and passion to be a great photographer! And sure, the internet can provide you with that knowledge so that you can grow your skills. However, the internet can’t provide you with experience and passion, but the Photography Club can!

          Every two weeks students get presented with a challenge; a photography challenge. Usually the timing of holidays and events will go hand in hand with the theme of our challenge. Students on the leadership team take turns leading meetings and get to plan out themes and challenges. Leaders get to make a slideshow and present it on the day of the meeting. Students who aren’t on the leadership team get to make suggestions and help out with ideas as well. When the challenge is presented, everybody gets to post and share their photos with one another on a website called Padlet

          Furthermore, our Photography Club gets to do all sorts of hands-on projects. We get chances to share photos with teachers and others, we have calls and interviews with well-known photographers, and we learn so many things about photography!

          To see what I mean, email or Google Chat Mrs. Carlin to let her know you want to join! We have fun challenges, hands-on projects, and learn new things every meeting! If you’re still not convinced, check out this presentation to learn more about the Photography Club: Photography Club Ad. Join today, you won’t regret it!