Is Patrick Mahomes the GOAT?



The Chiefs are still on top of the NFL after their incredible Super Bowl comeback to take down Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. On Sunday, February 7th, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are taking on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game will take place in Tampa Bay, which this is actually the first time that a team has hosted the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is widely considered to be the greatest NFL player of all time and that’s gonna be a lot for the Chiefs defense to handle. Brady should enjoy his time with the title because Mahomes is coming at him FAST, and this game is crucial for that title. Here’s my prediction: the Chiefs take home the Vince Lombardi trophy home (again) and Mahomes takes Brady’s title as the GOAT. This is why:


The Chiefs ran the table last year in the playoffs, they made some incredible comebacks, such as the Super Bowl against the 49ers. They’ve been in tough spots where the stakes are high, they’ve proved on multiple occasions that they can make massive comebacks even in a small time window. You’re probably asking this: how does this contribute to this season? Easy: EXPERIENCE. They’ve been on the biggest stage in football and know exactly how it feels, they almost lost the biggest game of their career, yet they emerged victorious. Experience is valuable and many young teams lack it, but that’s not the only factor to a championship caliber team. You have to be able to put together effective drives on offense and prevent scoring when on defense, but consistency is key.


Kansas City has the strongest offense in the league with a whopping 415.8 yards per game in the regular season. Their passing game is mostly responsible for this with a total of 5,005 passing yards on the season with an average of 312.8 YPG. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill both ended the regular season with over 1,000 receiving yards, Kelce with 1,416 and Hill with 1,276. That is more than half of the total passing yards for the season. I couldn’t go this whole paragraph without mentioning Mr. Showtime; Patrick Mahomes is most definitely the core of the Chiefs offense, he’s the greatest in the league right now and possibly the greatest ever (in my opinion). This regular season he put up 4,740 passing yards with an average of 336.5 YPG, he also threw for 38 TDs. To top it off Mahomes ran for 308 yards and 2 TDs. Eric Fisher is going to be inactive for the game so that may be a struggle for the Chiefs.Offense isn’t the only factor to football, their defense was better last season as Chris Jones had an amazing year. Their defense is ranked 16th in the NFL, while Tampa Bay’s is ranked 6th. This is going to be a challenge for the Chiefs to overcome, but rankings aren’t everything.


The Chiefs defensive coaching staff has one little weapon that Tom Brady and the Buccaneers aren’t going to be very happy about; Steve Spagnuolo. You’re probably thinking to yourself “why is he so special, are you out of your mind Travis?” Well to answer that, yes, I am probably out of my mind, also…Steve Spagnuolo was highly credited to the Giants Super Bowl XLII win over Brady’s New England Patriots. He was responsible for the tough defense on Brady and that’s why they were able to win. Moral of the story: Chiefs know how to contain Brady. That will be a vital part to the Chiefs success, it’s just a matter of if they can execute their gameplay.

We’ve all been waiting to see this legendary battle take place, Brady vs. Mahomes. It’s the battle of some of the best QBs to ever play NFL football, but which one is better? Brady is currently in his 21st season and has started 19 of his 21 years playing. Mahomes is currently in his 4th season and has been the primary starter for 3 of his 4 years playing, in Mahomes time as a starter he has racked up 14,152 yards for a season average (not including his first season since he was the backup) of 4,717.33. On the other hand Brady in his time as the starter has recorded 79,204 yards with a season average (not including his first two seasons since he wasn’t starting) of 4168.63. That has a pretty big margin, in Mahomes favor, but that’s not the only thing. Brady’s career completion percentage is 64.0, while Mahomes is 66.0. Brady has thrown for 19 interceptions with a season average as a starter of 10.05. Mahomes has thrown for 24 interceptions with a season average as a starter of 8.0. The list goes on and on, but statistically speaking Mahomes has Brady beat in most major categories. Stats aren’t everything though, Brady has 6 rings and that’s saying something, he can’t even wear them all on one hand!


At this point you’re probably sick of me boosting Mahomes and the Chiefs, especially if you’re a Bucs fan, so I’ll let you hear some other opinions from some fellow iUP students.


Who’s a better QB, Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady?


“Patrick Mahomes is better because he’s more agile and he’s able to see the field better.” – Daniel Moeller


“Tom Brady is better since he’s 40 years old and still able to perform at an elite level.” – Jess Pope


“In terms of their career as a whole, Tom Brady, but right here, right now, Mahomes is the better player and that’s what this game is about. I’m not going to doubt Mahomes.” – Austin Travis


While the Buccaneers aren’t exactly going to hand the game to the Chiefs on a silver platter, I believe that the Chiefs will win, even if it means a dramatic comeback similar to Super Bowl LIV. Both teams are incredible and have proved exactly why they’re in the Super Bowl, but remember this; “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any team.” – Bert Bell