How did Aldridge end up in Brooklyn?

Landry Valadez, Staff Writer

The NBA world once again took a massive blow to the face when the shocking news came out that LaMarcus Aldridge would be taking his talents to Brooklyn, adding even more firepower to their roster.

Everyone who thought that adding Blake Griffin would have to be the last big-time player to join the Nets were all stunned by this signing. It all started when the San Antonio Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge mutually agreed to part ways. Aldridge had been considered one of the top players on the team ever since he arrived, and was expected to continue that legacy. However, that all changed on March 11th, 2021 when the Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge agreed to part ways, meaning that Aldridge would begin looking for a new destination. To many Spurs fans, this was heartbreaking
news since Aldridge had become one of the faces of the franchise, along with Demar DeRozan. Within the first week to two weeks, nobody really knew where Aldridge would end up, but the
NBA world knew that many teams would come calling. Then, out of the blue, reports came out that the Miami Heat were going to be the frontrunners to sign Aldridge whenever his buyout with the Spurs was complete. NBA fans were happy with this since it would make the Heat a potential competitor in the East once again to try and take out the Nets. However, every NBA fan that isn’t a Nets fan would get a shocking blow on March 28th when the news broke that he would instead be helping Brooklyn even more by joining forces with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Blake Griffin. This move came out of nowhere and nobody expected this.

So, what does this mean for the NBA? Well, the league now certainly has its next superteam, and will most likely be here for years to come. All us NBA fans can do now is wait it out, and hope that the team will break up much sooner rather than later.