What are iUP students choosing when it comes to STAAR?

When it comes to STAAR testing, we all know it’s not our favorite thing to do. It’s a state requirement, with 4 hours of thinking, answering, and absolute silence. Some may find it boring when they finish early and still need to wait in silence. Others may find that they are occupied the entire time, double-checking and re-reading their answers, and they don’t share the other’s complaints of boredom. When COVID-19 hit a bit more than a year ago, STAAR tests were canceled, due to the lockdown on Texas and the rest of the world. This year, however, middle schoolers and elementary students who don’t take high school courses are welcome to miss out on taking these tests. Whether 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade, the middle school tests have become optional.


Many people don’t want to take the tests, even if they have to. Others get to relax, and not worry about what score they get, and how it affects their future. Not everyone has a choice, whether being pushed to take the test by their parents or if they take high school courses such as Biology and Algebra, as well as STAAR takers for English I and II. There still are COVID protocols in place for those coming to take the test, however.

  1. Masks are going to be worn by both teachers and students
  2. Extra masks will be available for those that need them
  3. All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized before tests
  4. Teachers will be wearing gloves when handing out tests
  5. Students will be seated at least 6 feet apart during the test
  6. Students are allowed to bring their own gloves if they wish to


The schedule for STAAR at iUP for 5th-8th graders is as follows:

April 7th:

– 7th Grade Writing

The week of May 3rd:

– 8th Grade Science and Social Studies

The week of May 10th:

– 5th Grade Science

– 5th-8th Reading and Math


Additional COVID requirements state that if 5th-8th STAAR takers wish to take the STAAR, it will only be given at the Grapevine, Texas location. Students WILL be eligible to advance to the next grade regardless of whether or not they take the STAAR test.

High school students have a different schedule that goes as:

April 6th:

– English I

April 8th:

– English II

Week of May 3rd

– US History

– Algebra I

– Biology


These EOC’s(End of Course Exams) are required by the Texas Education Agency to be eligible for graduation. iUniversity Prep will be monitoring the testing at sites around the state, and the locations will be in 150 miles of a radius from each student. As a reminder, the TEA has not allowed the option of testing remotely. 


For iUP students, some choose to not take the STAAR. After a poll of 12 iUP students(including high schoolers who are mandated to take the test), ⅓  of the students are not taking the STAAR tests. Some students such as McKinnley Rupp chose not to take the STAAR because they were ahead, and didn’t want the test “Hanging over their heads”, as well as being able to leave on vacations earlier. Other students decided not to take it because they live in farther places, such as Houston or Austin, and they didn’t want to have to drive about 4 hours to Grapevine.


Whether or not you are taking the test(or have taken the test already) STAAR testing is, and has always been, an important part of the Texas education system, and is something that we can never fully appreciate the good these tests do for use, between showing us what we need to work on, and showing us our strengths, there is a deeper meaning behind the hours of test-taking. There is room for improvement for us all, and 2021 is our year to show it.



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