This is a short story and is the first story of the Unizella series.


Avika Taneja, Staff Writer

Unizella was the sweet little princess in Unicorn World. Everything went perfectly in Unicorn World. But, one-day Unizella’s uncle got very sick!

 But the next day she heard a group of women talking, “I heard of this Enchanted Fountain Forest, he should drink a sip of that.” one woman whispered. Another woman asked “Is that going to work?”, and all of the women said, “We’re sure.” So Unizella asked one woman that was very shy about what that was. She said, “I’m sorry we were talking about your uncle.” So Unizella said, “It’s fine, can you tell me what this Enchanted Fountain Forest is?” The woman immediately replied, “I don’t know a lot but from what I heard is that it has the power to do the impossible, but it is dangerous and has its consequences. And there is a Healing Fountain that could heal your uncle.” Unizella said “Thank you” for all of the information she couldn’t have gotten easily.

The next day she went to The Enchanted Fountain Forest in search of The Healing Fountain. This was going to be dangerous but she had to do it for her uncle. Unizella set foot scared that something might happen. Nothing did! So far everything was off to a good start.  Next, she saw the Fountain of Dreams so she decided to take a look, and she found the consequence. The sign on the bottom of the fountain said “All fountains not to be used for personal gain” So she decided to not take a sip. Then she saw The Fountain of Beams where you had to go through pairs and pairs of beams to get one superpower! Finally, she found The Healing Fountain and took a tube, and filled it with the water from the lake.

    She returned home where everyone was worried because Unizella was gone and her uncle was very sick. Unizella gave the tube to her uncle. Unizella’s uncle drank it slowly, gulp, by gulp, slowly swallowing it. He suddenly jumped up and his little feet danced up and down. Unizella was shocked and they all started screaming calling the Unicorn ambulance. “Call UNI! Call UNI!” Unizella screamed. They were also jumping up and down in shock. Unizella’s uncle kept jumping like he was bouncing on a trampoline and he was almost actually about to throw up. His face was red. Unizella thought, she didn’t use it for her personal gain; it was a matter of her uncle’s life. Then what was happening?

 He also started screaming, “What is happening? Call UNI! Call UNI! Call UN–” But he stopped screaming. He was floating in midair, that’s why. He was about to continue when he suddenly was surrounded by pink, purple, and blue glowing glitter. “OMG! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!??” everybody screamed. Even Unizella’s uncle.

She whimpered thinking about her uncle. “Bu- but the- the- this was supposed to fix you. Not to make you sicker!” she stuttered. Suddenly her uncle was let down again, but he was covered in pink, blue, and purple glitter. Her uncle spit out the glitter that landed in his mouth. 

“WOAH I feel SO much better!” He screamed with joy. Everyone in Unicorn world partied the rest of the day, screaming “woohoo!!!” surprised at what happened.

The End!