iUP’s Newfound Spoken Word Poetry Club

When most students hear the phrase spoken word poetry, they probably associate it only academically with an English project or dreaded assignment. However, iUniversity Prep’s new Spoken Word Poetry Club shows students how spoken word poetry can encourage creativity and ultimately be a fun experience without the normal stress of a classroom.


First things first, many people may be wondering what exactly is spoken word poetry? Spoken word poetry has roots in performance and often includes certain elements of rap, hip-hop, storytelling, theater, and jazz, rock, blues, and other music. It can be characterized by improv, repetition, and the occasional rhyme in order to connect with the audience.


Ms. Long, one of the main teachers who is a big supporter of the club says, “It’s all about the students creating a safe place to learn, to create, and to share. We, the teachers, are your guides to help you get where you want to go.” Her reason for deciding to take part was seeing the posting for the “Still I rise challenge” for the district-level showcase. She says, “I asked if ‘spoken’ could include sign language. I wanted my ASL students to be able to do deaf poetry if they wanted to.”


When I asked her what makes iUP’s spoken word poetry club unique she responded with the fact, “It has a school campus level and a district level with a chance to “perform” in a showcase on either level.” This gives the students an opportunity to showcase their hard work where they would feel the most comfortable.


Ms. Long would absolutely recommend joining this club and her favorite part is students being able to express themselves. This is the perfect environment to either practice your spoken word poetry skills or even get into it for the first time! There is very little stress, and everyone is here to just have fun and grow. Spoken word poetry can be a very good creative outlet for students. Contact Ms. Long or Ms. Harbison for more information on the club and consider joining whether spoken word poetry is new or a long-time interest of yours.