An autism awareness month special.

This Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed a lot of things in our lives, from running simple errands, to not being able to catch up with friends and family. However, with all of these downsides, we have to remember that this pandemic has given us some good things that we may not have been aware of without it. For example, this is the case for many individuals with autism and special needs around the world as they generally connect better with people online.


People with autism generally do not cope well with all of the extra noises that come with the Brick-and-mortar school as they can get distracted and overwhelmed easily. This usually ends up with these individuals being homeschooled as they are way more comfortable with familiar surroundings such as their own home. However, a lot of parents do not have the time to be a full-time teacher to their child which puts them in a difficult situation, this is why Covid-19 has helped a lot of these families with their child’s education. With less distractions and more focus during their lessons, some students with autism are able to thrive in the online school environment. This unprecedented reaction to the school system being hastily changed from Brick-and-Mortar to online school has been a relief to parents all over the globe.


Despite all of the difficulties involving this pandemic, it has allowed individuals on the spectrum to achieve greater human interaction and acceptance. This results in these individuals not being judged as a label, and they are seen for who they really are. This autism awareness month there are lots of community groups and nonprofits that would greatly need some help. Volunteering at these places not only can give you service hours but also can lead to establishing lasting friendships with those who you work and interact with.