CDC Recomends The Re-Use Of Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Gaining Attention After Recent News

Hadassah Griffin, Staff Writer

We are all eager to get back to normalcies as soon as possible, we have been under the same protocols for over a year now. The question everyone has is how quickly will we be able to do the things we love or will we ever get to do those things without some type of protocol. Our night in shining armor came, the covid vaccine and with mos

t of the population get vaccinated we will be able to get back together in person.
The whole population went into a frenzy when it was brought to the media attention that some citizens suffered from blood clots due to the vaccines. After this was known all 50 states put a pause on the administration of the vaccine by Johnson & Johnson’s. Many citizens already had their speculations about the vaccines, but this blood clot situation, it solidified their argument. What is not taken into consideration by many people according to Yale Medicine, 6 persons developed these blood clots out of 6.8 million shots that have been administered by Johnson & Johnson’s.  According to Yale Medicine, “All six people were women aged 18–48 years who experienced onset of symptoms between 6–13 (a median of nine) days. One woman died. There were also reports of blood clots in a seventh woman (after the pause was announced) and earlier in a man during clinical trials for the vaccine.”, this statistic shows that it was only found in a small percentage of the population. With revision and the analysis of data, they found out what went wrong and fixed the problem. On April 23 the Food Drug Administration ended the recommendation of the pause on the vaccine.

For myself and many others, we have long to come together as a group for school events and face-to-face tutorials. I have missed it very much, hopefully, we are on the road to recovery where we can have some type of normalcy.


CDC Recommends Use of Johnson & JOHNSON’S Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine Resume.

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