Have you ever wondered what makes the iUPrep mascot, the owl, so cool?

The owl is our school mascot as you might know already. Wisley is a very cute little purple owl. Owls resemble wisdom, which is part of our school motto. Although owls are rather cute and cuddly, they can be super fierce!

The owl is a really cool mascot because it symbolizes wisdom, truth, and shapeshifting. All these symbols are very different things, so let’s break it down.


What the Owl Stands For

The quality of wisdom is otherwise known as being wise. When you are wise you choose to make the right decisions. Do an exercise of your wisdom, and the next time you do something, think, “Is this a wise choice?”. Wisdom is as simple as just being smart. Essentially, when you’re wise you’re being smart, especially if it’s making a choice or even something else in your life.


The quality of truth is being honest. When you’re honest you can live a great life! You won’t get in trouble for lying, and your life won’t be built on lies! If you get a bad grade on a test and your parents ask how you did, don’t say you got a 100, unless you actually did. Be honest with them, and you’re teachers if they ask. Being truthful makes for a great you!


Finally, the other quality is that the owl symbolizes shapeshifting. This means that you can be something else and take on the form of another. It’s cool that our mascot represents this because it’s nice to think that the owl is shapeshifting and is a part of every one of us! It’s like it’s becoming us and showing who we are. We are all unique! Don’t try to shapeshift into others, be yourself, and be proud to be an Owl!


Some Facts About the Owl

Now that you’ve learned about what the owl stands for and how it’s such a cool mascot, it’s time to learn some facts about the owl!

Did you know:

  • Owls can almost turn their head all the way around in a circle
  • Owls can see very far, which helps them find their prey
  • Owls hear very well.
  • When owls fly they are silent, a useful advantage while hunting
  • Owls can be masters of camouflage, blending in with trees to protect themselves from predators
  • Some owls, called Elf Owls, live in cacti
  • Owls are a natural pest control for farmers, eating the bugs to help the crops
  • Owls used to be a sign of victory in a battle


A Closing

   Now that you know a little more about owls, it’s time to bring this to an end! In hopes that you learned something new about owls after reading this article, maybe you’ll even study owls for fun! Try something that involves owls, for example, you could draw one! Owls are very interesting, it’s no surprise that iUPrep chose the owl as the mascot for the school. Now that you’ve taken some time to get to know our mascot better, keep being curious and keep reading on!