Short stories from the Unizella series

Avika Taneja

Unizella and the Copyright Confusion:

Unizella was so excited! She wrote her first story! She couldn’t wait to publish it; her story was about her going to the enchanted forest. She wrote it on the Royal Computer. But when she tried to publish it, the website said it was not safe until she did a “copyright”. Just then, Robo, a robot that was her Christmas present, walked into the room. “I’m confused Robo, can you help me?” Unizella said. “Ohhh, it’s about time I should teach you about this, I’ll explain,” Robo said in a robotic, friendly voice. Suddenly Unizella and Robo were not in Unizella’s bedroom anymore.

Right there, right then, they were in the Enchanted Forest! They journeyed and had finally found The Fountain of Stories! They both had a sip and began floating in a whole new world. It wasn’t the Enchanted Forest any more, but now it was some galaxy with a ton of books. 

She was surprised, but not as surprised as she was when she saw another princess!

”Hello, I’m here, which story would you like to hear?” she said. “Well I am not sure about copyright, but I am sure that I don’t need you to read me a story. I think you’re supposed to teach me about copyright?” Unizella, while not sure, asked. 

“Very well, copyright is something you can put on your work, which is the original one, and make it safer so nobody can steal your work. It looks like this, see?” the princess said while she made a © sign in the air.

Unizella got worried, “Wait a minute, steal my work?” 

“Oh, how should I explain this to you? Well, people out there can steal your work, which can be bad, and is known as plagiarism. When you copyright, it can make sure you get credit for your work, otherwise, the person who stole your work will be in some serious legal issues.“

 “Oh, no wonder the website told me to copyright first! Now I understand everything about copyright. Yay, I can publish my story, and make sure it is safe!” Unizella said.

The other princess did a happy dance while Robo and Unizella teleported back, fixed the story, and published a Best-Selling book!  


Unizella and the Dance Divas:

“Dad! Dad!”, Unizella screamed out loud. She was in the middle of publishing her story. Instead of her dad, the advisor/nanny of Unizella, Sarah, walked in. “Yes, Princess Unizella?” Sarah said in a sweet British accent that sounded like honey. Unizella’s mom was always busy running royal errands with Unizella’s dad. So when Unizella’s mom or dad wasn’t around, Sarah kept great company. Sometimes they’d play games, or pretend to give queenly statements to the stuffed animals, which were their subjects. They sometimes declared pillow fights, and Unizella always ended up with fluffy soft feathers in her mouth. Those feathers always tasted plain and yucky. They sometimes even had feathers stuck in their hair, so they plucked the feathers from the pointy ends out of each other’s hair. And they sometimes even played salon while doing that! They were the best of friends, and Unizella always felt a sense of satisfaction with her, something Unizella used to feel when she was little, and her mom had more time for her. “Hi, Sarah! Where’s Dad?”

“Oh, I am deeply sorry. He just went to the market to restock the items, before it’s too late. Again, I am very sorry. If you had told me 10 minutes ago, you could have stopped him, and told him what you wanted to tell him before it was too late.”

“Oh, my thing is not THAT important. I mean, restocking the items in the market is more important than this.”, Unizella said as she pointed to the beautiful, gold, royal computer that she had gotten on her birthday. It was the site that she was publishing her story on!

“It’s kind of a crazy idea, mom and dad might not agree.”

“Good job on your story ma’am, but I thought the king already saw it? And I don’t see anything crazy about that?” Sarah said cluelessly.

“No, no, not that. Look on the side of my story.” Unizella said as Sarah glanced at the side. “See those ads?”

      “I LOVE dancing!” Unizella said as she plopped onto the bed and put her head on Sarah’s lap.

“Yes, I know.” She said sweetly, “But, you need to ask your dad.”

“Yeah, that’s why I was screaming for dad.” Unizella said with a sweet but sassy “obviously” face.

Sarah chuckled at her face, “Ok. But, until your dad gets home, we have to wait and spend some time.”

“How about we tell the ‘subjects’ about our tea plans and have a tea party?” Unizella said.

“Sure! Come along,” Sarah said as she rushed to the stove.

There was some warm tea in the pot, which was bubbling up with a “glub, glub, glub” noise, while the kettle whistled. “Tweet!” went the whistle, and it was followed up by a “Wheeee”. They spent the evening playing tea until the king got home.

“Hi, sweetie!” Unizella’s mom said as Unizella ran up to her. They brought fluffy sparkling new dresses for Unizella. Unizella could feel the material of the cloth. She hugged the warm embrace of her mom, just as if the sun was shining on her. She thought that maybe she could wear these dresses to the dance school!

“Dad, dad, I need to talk to you,” said Unizella.

“OK, ok.” Unizella’s dad said “We’ll talk once we wear these dresses. You think Dad can fit in your small 11-year-old dresses?”

“Hehe, dad! No, you can’t fit! I can’t wait to be 11! But I really need to talk to you before I try out my new clothes.”

“Ok, ok, I’m coming,” Unizella’s dad said as she dragged him down the hall to her bedroom.

“Dad, dad, dad!” she said excitedly.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m listening, what’s up?” he asked, curious about what was so urgent.

“I want to go to the Royal Dance School!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down.

“Woah sweetie, we’ll have to think about it. You know how your mother and I barely get enough time with you; we can’t let you go already. What about school?” he replied.

“Dad! There is no school! It’s summer, I know you guys will miss me but it is only for 1 month. Please, please, please, please!!!!” she begged him with puppy eyes.

“Ok, we’ll see,” he said, giving in.

Unizella finally got enrolled into the school! She was sent to the school a week after. She entered, and a lady with a big mole on her cheek handed her a boring, brown, scratchy vest to wear. “What is this?” Unizella said.

“Oh, this is the school uniform, you cannot wear anything else during class time. In your school ‘bedroom’ you can wear anything you’d like.” she said in a fluent Russian accent.

“OK?” Unizella said slowly, staring at the brown vest disgusted by its ‘boringness’.

Unizella kept walking with the boring, brown vest in her arms. She walked down the halls while staring at the vest, and she wasn’t looking ahead. Tessa and Lily were wandering too. Unizella tripped over an opened tile, which was halfway broken. Tessa grabbed Unizella’s hand before she hit the floor. “Hey, you ok? This tile is known as the Broken Tile. Everybody knows that…” She trailed off and paused for a second. “You the new kid?” Tessa said as Lily stepped back behind her like a shadow, becoming not easily visible.

 “Yeah,” Unizella said “Umm is this school always like this? No offense, it just seems a little bland and, well, broken.” 

 “FINALLY!” Tessa screamed. One strict teacher passed by, giving ‘the look’. Lily, who was behind Tessa, covered her ears because it sounded like an alarm going off at a fire station.

 “Shh…You are going to get us in trouble, AGAIN,” said a soft voice.

 “Who’s that?” Unizella asked curiously.

 “Oh she’s Lily, and she is SUPER shy,” Tessa said looking back at Lily, very strictly, telling her softly to come out. Lily shook her head no but still, Tessa stared at her until she came out.

 “Hi,” Lily said very softly, peeking her head out behind Tessa. Unizella stepped back carefully, giving Lily a lot of space to come forward. “Umm, yeah, you tripped over that tile because you were at the wrong angle. See, you were walking 180 degrees of the tile, and so if you’d change the velocity, you would have a 99% chance you wouldn’t trip…” she said, lowering her voice after Unizella was just staring at her amazed. “Oh, were you about to say something?”

 “Oh,” she blinked and just looked at Lily. “No, no,” she said, trying to find the right words. “Look umm, I am just amazed at how EXACTLY you did that in your head so quickly?”

 “Yeah, that’s the thing about Lily; she’s super smart, like SUPER smart,” Tessa replied. “Look, the reason why I screamed FINALLY in the first place, was because, well I’m tired of this school, it needs some, you know, jazz”

“Cool, I agree…” Unizella said as she stared at Tessa’s pretty clothes.

 “Yeah, I know, I know, why do I love fashion so much?” Tessa said.

 “No, no, that gave me an idea!” Unizella said as she started thinking.

 “What is it?” Tessa said to Unizella. 

“What if we ‘JAZZ’ up the school a bit”? By using some of Tessa’s fashion sense and Lily’s smartness to make this place safe. Finally, I apply creativity and make sure everything goes well.” They all walked down the hall agreeing with each other.

 “Well I could put some…” Tessa said before she sniffed the disgusting smell of teachers’ lunches. Their fish smelled like smelly fish being dipped in disgusting spoiled milk, which is ACTUALLY what the teachers drank. Even the teachers started getting sick of this school. “Streamers,” Tessa said disgustedly. Then, the air suddenly sweetened. There were bowls and bowls of candy outside their dance classrooms. Unizella walked up to one of the desks and picked up 3 candies. She handed Lily and Tessa one each. They didn’t eat, but Unizella almost dropped the candy in her mouth. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Lily finally spoke. Unizella had already dropped the candy in her mouth. “Why?” she said, muffled. Lily and Tessa both pointed behind Unizella and said together “That’s why.” Their teeth rattled and they bunched up together, as Unizella noticed a shadow. There was a chatter, chatter sound coming from their teeth. “Guys, what’s happening? What? I just ate candy.” She turned around to find a boy standing there and saying “Oh lookie, lookie, we got a candy thief.”

 “I mean, I wouldn’t say thief. Why would you lay out candy in front of a class for nobody to eat?”

 “Haha, Nobody? Of course, there IS someone to eat it.”

 “Oh ok, WHO?” She said as she looked around.

 “ME!” he said, screaming in her ears so loud. “DADDY, THIS GIRL STOLE MY PRECIOUS CANDY AND ATE IT!!!!” he said it so loud that Unizella’s ears started ringing for a second.

 “And oh lookie, lookie, looks like we’ve got a disgusting boy with a whiny face,” Unizella said as everyone gasped (Including Lily and Tessa). Unizella dropped another rude comment, “And such a crybaby, and a tattletale, with holes in his teeth. You should go to the dentist.” The boy started laughing. “No, seriously, you should. You have like 2 holes in every single tooth.”

 “Oh, I wasn’t laughing at that. Welcome, dad, oh wait, I mean PRINCIPAL.” Unizella stared at the mean-looking principal. Unizella looked at Tessa and Lily with a lot of fear.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha,” The boy said. Unizella started laughing at the boy’s hideous attempt at his evil laugh.

“I am Jon Jo Stinkycheese, son of Popo Jo Stinkycheese.”

“Heh, Stinkycheese, lol.” Unizella laughed.

“SILENCE! You dare steal my son’s special candy?”

“Pardon her sir. She is new.” Tessa said finally.

“Ok. But this mistake will not be tolerated again! Understand?” 

“Understood,” said Tessa. They walked down the hall looking at each other.

 Unizella finally said, “What was that all about?”

 Tessa said, “That was the principal’s son. You should NEVER eat his candy. Otherwise, you will get kicked out.”

 The three girls walked the rest of the way to their room in silence. The next day, the girls started working on the school dance-off.

They headed down the halls with streamers and other party supplies. Unizella started the dance-off half an hour later, with a special dance move against the teachers. The teachers did a robot dance, which was very weird. The prize that was sitting on the table was a thousand dollars. They really wanted that money to change up the school, so they danced and danced until they did a big move they were all waiting for: The “Boom zap, zap.” They did a twist, a turn; a round all about, and finally, they did a super pyramid. They got to the pyramid and Lily was sweating. In fact, she was sweating like a hog. She had watery hands, like a rainy day, forming in the cloud which was her hand. She and Tessa were holding Unizella up. This could be it, would she slip? Would they win? Would they not make it? Would Lily let her sweaty rain ruin their chance, or not? It was all in the flip where Unizella would land on the pyramid. 1, 2, 3, she jumped and soared into the sky! In the middle of the air, she was nervous. She had a serious case of the butterflies and they were pumping up and down. She landed straight on top of their hands, they won!

“WOW!!!” They all shouted in joy. “Let’s get to work,” Unizella said as they smiled. The school turned into the best school ever! They now had some streamers, joy, and definitely those better lunches. What was also part of the prize, was that they could make any rule they wanted. Guess what they chose? They allowed everyone to eat the candy of Jon Jo Stinkycheese, and he couldn’t be mean about anything, to anyone. They could finally say this school had more JAZZ.

Jon said to Popo, his dad, and the principal, “NOOOOO, dad please, please, pleaaaase, don’t make me share my candy with these crazy people. I wanna be mean!!!!”

Popo said, ”Sorry son, they won, I guess our reign of terror is over.” Unizella danced in victory and was so glad, there was finally a happy ending for this school! But, the month of dance school they had was over. They all had to go home for the last 2 months of summer. That’s when Tessa said, “Hey, where do you live?”. And Unizella simply replied “Unicorn World.”.

 “We live there too!” Lily and Tessa said.

 “Hey, what if we build a dance school during the rest of summer?” Unizella asked 

“Sure, let’s go home!” they replied.