Imagine that you are a college admissions officer running through countless applications, all of which are identical to each other. Until, finally, one particular application stands out. There is something special about this application, but what is it? This student has been a part of Wisely’s Parliament throughout high school. This captures the full attention of the college admissions officer. As they continue reading about this intriguing extracurricular activity, they can see that this student has devoted countless hours to making their school better and prides themselves on their membership of Student Government. I know many of you are now probably thinking “How do I become a part of such an amazing club?” Well, I am here to give you the word on Wisely’s Parliament!


What is it?

Before you sign up for Wiley’s Parliament, you need to know what it is all about! Wisely’s Parliament is iUnviersityPrep’s Student Government that was founded by two amazing students Kati Moffett and Vincent Yang. This club strives to make our school and community the best it can possibly be! Each member of Wisely’s Parliament makes a difference as we all work together to form events and different committees. 


Who Runs It?

Wisely’s Parliament is run by eight student-elected officers and three teacher sponsors. 

Vincent Yang is the president, and works with Maddison Flower, the vice president, to organize and host meetings and represent the student body. Evangeline Smith and I work together to present reports to the student body and communicate ideas to the rest of the officers as 9-12th grade representatives. Grace Sng, the secretary, works diligently to maintain attendance in meetings and maintains membership documents. Ivy Quaranto records events and accomplishments throughout the year, working as a historian. Ayaan Moledina and Hayden Rockaway work alongside each other as 5-8th grade representatives. In addition to these student officers, Ms. Holt, Mrs. Briggs, and Ms. Ward are the teacher sponsors. 


All the Perks:

In addition to being a beneficial addition to college applications, Wisely’s Parliament allows students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills while benefiting our school and communities. Members not only get to share their thoughts on current projects, but they also get to suggest plans for future projects. They will develop initiative skills as they help with the planning and creating of school-wide events. It is immensely rewarding to be a part of a club that listens to students’ voices!


What does it take to be a member?

The membership requirements are what make Wisely’s Parliament a unique and prestigious club. While anyone can sign up, all members have to follow certain rules and guidelines throughout the year. Each member has to attend a minimum of 50% of all meetings each semester, which is beneficial for students who have other responsibilities. In addition, all members are required to obtain good academic and behavioral standing. Members have to complete one service project such as completing a project or participating in an event. Seniors who follow these requirements will earn a Wisely’s Parliament graduation cord! While you might be thinking that these are such strict requirements, it is easy to follow these rules and participate in the needed events. 


Sign up!

With all these amazing benefits and opportunities, why wouldn’t you sign up? Use this form to start your prestigious membership of Wisely’s Parliament! https://forms.gle/Q54rN6xFgcypyTRp8