IUPREP students share their unique holiday traditions.

 A Season Like No Other  


Winter is a truly unique time of the year. The Texas warmth transforms into a chilling cold that flows throughout the land. The leaves fall off of the trees and fly around like birds. There is no other time of the year like it, so people are going to spend time differently when the winter months come around compared to any other part of the year, and that definitely applies to the students here at iUniversity Prep.


Eats To Remember


In the winter, food just tastes better. It is almost like pure magic is put into every meal in the wintertime because feasting is always a special experience. Katelyn Solis has a certain cookie recipe that puts that magic into work. “I always make a type of cookie called Spritz, which is a family recipe that my great-grandma made with my mom and then with my mom’s mom, and then with my mom, my two sisters, and me. They taste awesome! I wish I could give some for everyone in the world to try.”


Cozy Comfort & Relaxation


Whenever the weather gets a little too harsh, it can be nice to stay inside, crank up the heater and relax. It gives you a snugly feeling of warmth that just detangles the knots in your body and makes you grateful for the heat as well as the cold. “I spend winter celebrating Christmas and staying warm and cozy, curled up in blankets and wearing thick sweaters,” said K.M. 


The Gift That Keeps On Giving


One of the highlights of winter has to be the presents. Whether or not people celebrate Christmas, giving and receiving presents has become a wintertime classic. Sometimes, it’s the feeling of tearing the wrapping off a present or peering into your parents’ face as they watch you from the couch. These are the things that make winter special. Juliana Mun, iHoot’s special section editor said, “Our family opens up gifts on Christmas as a part of our holiday tradition and it really just tops off the day with a sparkling touch.” 


Family Means Everything


Winter has many holidays, which means people are able to see their family. Whether it be parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, the holiday season can bring everybody together. K.P. gets to see many relatives come Christmas. “My mom’s side of the family comes for the week of Christmas and my dad’s side comes the week before or after.” 


Happy Winter To All Of iUniversity


The magic of winter to give gifts, make yummy treats, and bring families together is amazing. Year and year again it comes and warms many hearts with what it always has in store. This winter is definitely going to be a fun one for all of iUniversity Prep!