A Recap of the Spooktacular Evening

As the season of frightfulness becomes as invisible as a ghost, the season ended with a spooktacular fun evening, Virtual Trivia Night (VTN). The evening was filled with owlsome fun, ranging from exotic Halloween costumes to a quiz packed with interesting questions. Why should you consider attending VTN next year?

VTN In A Candy Wrapper

iHoot’s Virtual Trivia Night involved a variety of fun activities, including a quiz filled with oddly interesting questions such as, “How much does the biggest pumpkin on Earth weigh?” To answer this question, the weight of the pumpkin is a whopping 2624 pounds! Also, the students of iUniversity Prep had the opportunity to show off their Halloween costumes as well as have some fun waffling in the chat! Not only did VTN offer a place for fun games of the spirit of Halloween but also a place for iUniversity Prep’s students and teachers to bond. Owen Labay recalls that he “got to get into my Halloween costume and the questions were really fun to answer!” Like Owen, Sadie Sellman shares, “My favorite part of Virtual Trivia Night was all of the Halloween-related questions. It was fun to see all the shocking answers afterwards! I learned some really cool fun facts about candy, pumpkins, and so much more.”

The Spark That VTN Grants

With iUniversity Prep being an entirely virtual learning environment, the school often hosts events virtually. Though Halloween parties, or get-togethers, are usually held face-to-face, that did not stop VTN from creating a place for celebrating the Halloween spirit in the iUP community. This year’s VTN marked the second time VTN has taken place here at iUniversity 

Prep. Not only does this frightful evening grant fun to students like Sadie Sellman and Owen Labay, but to students among all grade levels of iUniversity Prep as well as their variety of locations around the globe! The virtual platform in which VTN is hosted brings a “spark” to the students of iUniversity Prep, such as Dakota Manning who reflects on the fact that “it seemed like people got closer and we got to learn more about what we didn’t know and what we did!”

Virtual Trivia Night Has Some Royals!

Virtual Trivia Night allowed for a space that was a little less formal, yet still upheld iUP’s community agreements. The first-place winner would receive the owlsome prize along with bragging rights! In third place was iHoot’s Sports Section editor, Marcus Bamber. Following along in the Bamber streak is one of iHoot’s Staff Assistants, Curtis Bamber. Lastly, the student who took “home” the win was…. Rylee Schwartz! Congratulations to Rylee and the Bamber brothers for placing on the podium!

The Community Of VTN 

In conclusion, iHoot has hosted yet another owlsome event that has created a stronger community within iUP. Students not only had a great time at VTN by clicking their way through the spooktacular quiz but so did iUniversity Prep’s professors like Mrs. Carlin and Ms. Long, who jammed out to throwback songs to the spirit of Halloween. iHoot Newspaper’s, VTN was once again another successful event for the community of iUniversity Prep.