Interviewing owls about how their sleep time affects their day.

Nina Gameros, Staff Writer

As we know sleep can really help with your grades and if you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be able to do as well in school. But how do iUp owls deal with their sleep schedule? Let’s find out in this iHoot article!


I asked many iUp students what their sleep schedule was like and here is what they said. Adelina Jackson said she went to sleep around 9:00 and similarly, Shivaanshi also goes to sleep at 8:30-9:00. From what I collected; I saw that there was no difference in their grades at all! 


To widen my range of students, I asked Chole Pittard, a sophomore in high school what time she went to sleep during the week. Chloe said during an average weeknight she went to sleep around 10:30 which is quite a bit later from Adelina and Shivaanshi. Chloe said this later time doesn’t necessarily affect her grades, but she does feel less motivated. Juliana Mun, another sophomore in high school, commented that she is less irritated and more productive on days when she gets enough sleep. A good eight hours makes her more likely to finish her work in a timely manner. Finally, the last high schooler I interviewed, Makenna Horne, a junior in high school, says she normally likes to go to sleep around 9:30 and says when she goes to sleep earlier It allows her to wake up earlier in the morning and do school at her peak times


In conclusion, the time you go to sleep doesn’t directly affect your grade, but it does affect your motivation from the samples I found. I hope this article helps you understand how your Z’s can affect your A’s.