Recognizing the gifts of iUP that make it so joyful.

Samantha Anderson, Staff Writer

Why iUP is so joyful

Adolescence can be stressful.

In these formative years, teens experience many impactful things and one of them is attending middle school and high school. For the longest time students have had limited options when it came to their education and they usually had to pick between homeschool and in person school. It was only in 2013 in the state of Texas that we were gifted with the answer to many students’ issues: iUniversity Prep.

Since our lovely school was founded, many of its students have witnessed the gifts that iUP provides students with. This Christmas season, we’re going to recognize those gifts and why they make iUP so joyful.


Gift of Mental Health

School can have big effects on a student’s mental health.

And while brick-and-mortar schools do try their best to ensure that students have stable mental health, the environment of in-person schools as a whole can be overwhelming. The teachers tend to have packed schedules and can’t always reach out personally. This can cause mental health to be pushed to the back burner.

On the flip side, the way that IUP is set up and runs allows for the students to have teachers that are checking in on them constantly and help keep students on pace. Even if a student gets behind, the teachers at iUP help to ensure that they don’t drown, and do everything in their power to help the student succeed. This helps students’ mental health to remain stable and reduce stress in ways that face-to-face learning cannot. Yahia Osman, a student at iUP,  agrees that “iUP has gifted students with improved mental health”


Gift of Flexibility 

iUniversity students partake in many different time-consuming activities from art to sports to personal hobbies.

This means that they have a demanding schedule and in-person schooling can’t support that. iUP does not require students to sit and do their school work from specific times. Instead, they give students the freedom to complete work when and however they need it.  This means people can go ahead and maintain the grades that they deserve.


Gift of Community

In brick-and-mortar schools, there tends to be different cliques in the student body.

This results in students who feel alienated in a place where they deserve to feel safe. This is why at iUP, the students do not have separate cliques but instead are all one big online community. The students at here support one another and make sure that no one feels left out. For example, Kendall says, “iUniversity Prep has allowed me to be a part of a community that I have never been a part of as well as receive a great education.”


Gift That Surpasses Them All 

iUniversity is one of the best gifts that Texas has received.

The flexibility and the amazing staff of this school make it a one-of-a-kind school for the people who need it. It allows students that enjoy diverse activities and have special circumstances to come together, be part of a community, and receive the gift of the best education possible.