The football season is coming to an end…Which college football team do iUP students cheer for the most?

What’s your favorite college football team? Whether it’s because we want to attend that college, have family members or friends who are alumni, or the team has an amazing quarterback, we all have our favorite teams! What is iUP’s favorite college football team? 


3-Way-Tie For 1st

Predictably, out of the students who responded to my survey, the majority picked a Texas team as their favorite. Each with 20% of the votes, Texas A&M, Texas, and Texas Tech tied for first.


Of all of these three talented teams, Texas A&M has had the best season so far this year. Currently, Texas A&M is ranked #25 in college football with a record of 8-4. This season, Texas A&M even beat Alabama, toppling the undefeated powerhouse and breaking many of Alabama’s and coach Nick Saban’s records (including Nick Saban never losing against a former assistant). Plus, the team has had very skilled players in the past about 2 years, including Kellen Mond, Zach Calzada, Devon Achane, Isaiah Spiller, Ainias Smith, Jalen Wydermyer, Haynes King, and so many more. That doesn’t even include the team’s high school recruits for next year, which include quarterback Conner Weigman (ranked 5th best recruit) and defensive lineman Walter Nolen (ranked 2nd best recruit).

Besides that the team is adept, why did students pick Texas A&M as their favorite?

“I love A&M and because my dad went there,” Landon Wakefield says.

Kathryn Russel says, “My Grandparents have done a lot for that school, and living in College Station, I went to all the games when I was little!” 

She adds, “I am trying to get a business degree and they have a great program for it!”


Texas has been a major Big 12 Conference powerhouse in years past! They’ve won four national championships, three with coach Darrel Royal and one with coach Mack Brown. Even with their losing record this season of 5-7, there’s no doubt that this program is well established.

iUP Students have amazing reasons why the Texas Longhorns are their favorite.

“All of my mom’s family went to UT, so I have grown up loving it,” 10-grader Brooke Bolinger says. “It is my dream to go here as well.”

“I am considering UT because it has very high academics and a D1 tennis team that I am working to play at,” Brooke adds.

“It is one of my mom’s favorite,” 5-grader Raelyne Castro explains. She is considering this college because she wants to have “a good education”.

Last but not least, Texas Tech was another team tied for first. Texas Tech is also a very proficient team, winning three national football championships in total (including one in 2019 with coach Matt Wells). The Red Raiders are a main team in the Big 12 Conference, along with Texas, OU, Baylor, and OSU.

“That [Texas Tech] is the college that I have rooted for my whole life,” 6-grader Dawson Baker says.

“Texas Tech is my favorite because I have two aunts who went there,” Danny Hall says.

“My 4th-grade teacher liked this team, so I suppose I took inspiration from that,” 5-grader Ivy Quaranto says.



Oklahoma State University is 2nd place, with 13.3% of the votes. Currently, OSU is ranked #9, with a record of 11-2. They beat Oklahoma, Texas, Baylor, and Texas Tech this season. They were also in the Big 12 Championship, playing Baylor again.

“My parents went to the college but I want to go to OU for gymnastics,” 7th-grader Kinley Petzold says. “But I like OSU football.”

“My mom’s dad lives in OK,” 5th-grader Benjamin Chang says. “I like it [Oklahoma State University] and it’s where I want to live.”


Four Teams Tied for 3rd

Florida State, BYU, Rice, and West Point are the teams tied for 3rd, each with 6.7% of the votes.

BYU (Brigham Young University) has the best record this season out of these four teams at 10-2. Currently, they’re ranked #13 in the country. So far this season the BYU team has beaten every team they’ve played against (including Virginia and Arizona) except Baylor and Boise State.

“I want to go there,” McKinnley Rupp says. “Great surroundings, and a great medical school.”


Army West Point also had a good season this year so far, with a record of 8-3. They beat the Air Force this year and played a close game against Navy.

“I like the team because my father went there,” 7th-grader Nina Gameros says.


Florida State is another exceptional team, winning three football national championships in total.

“My dad did TV there and went to school there,” Jackie Sutton says. “It is a top 20 school and has a great campus. Also, I want to go to the NBA and Florida State produces really good players every year.”


Finally, Rice is a popular Texas team. In 2017, they even beat the University of Texas!

6th-grader Autumn says, “My dad went there, it’s a very good college, and it’s SO PRETTY!”


From Texas to Texas A&M to Tech to OSU, iUniversity Prep students all have different opinions on their favorite college football teams. What’s yours? 




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