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The “You Are Owlsome” club here at iUniversity Prep began with the simple idea of spreading kindness throughout our school. Since our establishment in the 2020-2021 academic year, the small idea has blossomed into a school-wide act of generosity. The response we have received has surpassed our highest of expectations. In fact, we have received one hundred twenty-two responses in November alone! We truly appreciate everyone’s kindness and could not be prouder of our fellow classmates at iUniversity Prep! If you would like to submit an act of kindness, please visit this form. Each month, the first ten responses submitted to the form will be showcased in an iHoot article. That said, here are the first ten we received for the month of October:


J.R. told everyone, “Do good and good will come to you.”


I.Q. told Mr. Carter, “I love learning about history, and you do a great job of explaining it. Thank you for all you do!”


Margo Habas said, “When things seem tough, know that you can push through it because you are amazing.”


H.H. told Mr. Baker, “Good job!”


Anonymous told everyone, “Do your best and you are a winner!!”


J.H. told everyone, “You are the best at being YOU! And YOU are amazing!”


E.M. told Annelise Kirley, “You can do things you think you cannot do!”


Annalise Kirkley told Alexander Lee, “I really appreciate how positive you are in the classes and how you always encourage people! I hope you’ve been having a good year and stay awesome!”


Luci Hackett said, “Mrs. Baker is always super supportive and helpful. I feel like I can always ask her if I have a question. She makes everyone feel important and heard.”


H.S. told Alex, “You are always so positive even when we first started school. You were always saying the class was so smart and commenting thoughtful notes on our answers and it really helped me be more confident and spread kindness to others.”