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The “You Are Owlsome” club here at iUniversity Prep began with the simple idea of spreading kindness throughout our school. Since our establishment in the 2020-2021 academic year, the small idea has blossomed into a school-wide act of generosity. The response we have received has surpassed our highest of expectations. We truly appreciate everyone’s kindness and could not be prouder of our fellow classmates at iUniversity Prep! If you would like to submit an act of kindness, please visit this form.


For December, we asked everyone to tell us what random acts of kindness they did! Here are the responses we received!


Anonymous helped their brother with skiing while they were in Colorado.


Maya Shariff said, “I am an Ismaili Muslim, I volunteer once or twice a week and help my Jamaat. This week I did something called DV. So you stand at the door and you greet them and everyone has an ID and you put it in your phone and check people in so that they can go into the prayer hall. I also Coach gymnastics to boys and girls so I do that 2 times a week.”


Adelina Jackson gave tips at restaurants, gave holiday cards to her friends at dance, and made bookmarks for her neighbors.


Kaelin Main told everyone, “Never forget the people who are close to you. They are an important part of your life. They have been kind to you when you were sad. They have encouraged you when you felt like giving up. Show them you are grateful. Even if it is small. They will appreciate that you care for them.”


H.H. told Mrs. Cavanaugh, “You are owlsome!”


Dakota Manning told everyone, “‘Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.’ Harold Kushner is the wise man who said this, and this quote is meant for everyone. Don’t do something kind just to show off do it because you know you are a kind person.


McKinnley Rupp told Mrs. Matthews, “Thank you so much for being a great PRIDE teacher. You always make the week kick-off so fun and enjoyable.”


Kaylee Castanon told everyone, “There is always a bright side of things, no matter what happens, just keep searching and keep looking for the sunshine of things. It’s kind of like a Christmas tree. One side might have a bunch of lights, while the other side only has a few. Just turn the bright side of the tree to you, and keep finding the bright side of life.”


Maya Shariff told everyone, “‘Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.’  Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone because that is our fear of suffering. The fear of suffering is going to hurt more”. 


C.G. said, “‘It’s easy to join in the crowd, and even easier to spread anger and hate. But it takes courage to stand alone. And kindness often takes the most courage of all.’ -Dav Pilkey”

S.R. told everyone, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”