Why Have We Stopped Reading?

When is the last time you’ve picked up a book for fun? For many of us, the answer is several months to a year ago. Reading is on the decline in society, which is a cause for concern. Reading is so important for all of us, and we should all make an effort to read more often.


Reading is on the Decline
Studies show that Americans are spending less time reading each day. The average reading time has dropped by 7% over the past decade. This isn’t just due to us reading less, many people have stopped reading all together. With the creation of new technology, such as television, computers, the internet, etc. Americans have been reading less and less.
Ironically, many adults have scolded the next generation for not picking up books even though they don’t do so themselves. Many adults are giving their children electronics to keep them entertained instead of books to read. Older students are beginning to lose their reading skills because they aren’t reading as much. I asked some of our owls how they felt about their reading habits and quite a few of them said that they feel like their reading habits have gotten worse over the past year. One student in particular said, “The only time I pick up a book is for school.” This is the problem with students’ relationships with books. They only pick up books if it’s required for school. Reading should not feel like a chore. We should read because we want to, not because we’re required to!


What Does this Mean for iUP Students?
Here at iUniversity Prep, most (if not all) of our school work is virtual. We do most of our reading online, however, this is not the same as picking up a book. With the creation of the internet, we can now access information at the press of a button. This makes books, news, and magazines easier to access. Why would you pick up a book when you can just read something online? This is one of the main reasons why many of us have stopped picking up books. The internet has made things more convenient. As virtual students who spend a lot of time at our computers, we need to make sure we are making time to pick up books at our leisure. This will improve our reading skills and broaden our vocabulary.


How Can We Bring Good Reading Habits Back?
To create better reading habits, we should all make an effort to read at least one book a week. Make time to read an hour each day and you will see significant improvement in your reading abilities. Go to your local library, pick up a good book, and get reading!


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