A recap of the 2022 Winter Olympics

With winter comes chilling winds, snow, holidays, family time, and many other traditions. However, once every four years, we all have another thrilling event to look forward to. The Winter Olympics is a cherished event as many people wait in anticipation for the cold events to come around. When it eventually arrives, excitement fills the air as we watch the ice skaters twirl or the bobsledders whirl around the course. If you did not have the time to watch all of the events, no worries! In this article, we’ll take a look at some notable winners and events.  


Wonderful Winners: 


One of the best parts about watching the Olympic games is rooting for your favorite team. Whether you root for the infamous U.S.A team or even Germany, all teams did exceptionally well. However, with all these amazing teams, some stand out more than others. Here are some of the top teams who have made it clear that they are outstanding ice competitors.


Notable Norway: 

Team Norway takes top place in the leaderboard for the total number of medals as they earned a whopping 37! How did Norway do it? Well, they won medals across a variety of sports. Their top 3 which earned the most medals were Biathlon with 14 medals, Cross-Country Skiing with 8 medals, and Alpine Skiing with 4 medals. 


Grand Germany:

Second place in the leaderboard for the number of medals won comes from team Germany.  Germany won an amazing total of 27 medals! The sports that led them to this number include Bobsleigh with 7 medals, Lugde with 6 medals, and Skeleton with 3 medals. 


Capable China: 

In third place in the total amount of medals is team China. Team China managed to win 15 total medals! They won the most medals in the fascinating sports of Freestyle Skiing with 6 medals, Short Track Speed Skating with 4 medals, and Snowboarding with 2 medals. 


While some may think that these sports are easy if teams can win this grand amount of medals, that is simply not the case. Many players have worked their whole lives to get to the place they are. These teams really show the importance of believing in themselves and working hard with their teammates! One student sums it up perfectly by saying they love the Winter Olympics because “…athletes from all different countries come together.”


Exceptional Events: 


With a wide range of 15 sports in the Winter Olympics, there is something for everyone. Some people may enjoy classic figure skating the most, or some may like a more daring sport such as skeleton. 


I asked some iUP students what their favorite events were. Among the top favorites were snowboarding and figure skating. When asked why snowboarding was their favorite sport, a student says, “I love seeing how creative the snowboarders are when it comes to their sport. They are very talented and passionate. Their performances always inspire me to be great and diligent at my own sports.” 


One student says, “Figure skating has always been a favorite of mine! Personally, I like to watch it because it is amazing to see all of their training win them big medals and awards. It takes a lot of focus and talent to be able to multi-task while performing a sport. Overall, it’s the most entertaining to watch!”


The impressive sport of ski jumping is one student’s favorite sport to watch as “they fly!!”




Whether you watched the whole two weeks of events or just one, there’s no denying that there are some sports you just can’t miss out on. The Winter Olympics are enjoyed by many all around the world and unite teams of players. While there are notable teams who excelled in winning medals, all of the teams did their best and provided viewers at home with amazing performances!



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