With COVID-19 around for the past few years, many aspects of our daily lives have become exceedingly more difficult. With that, volunteering to give back to your community has also become more difficult.

To combat this issue, here are a few virtual volunteering opportunities to help you fulfill your National Honor Society volunteering requirements or become involved in giving back to your local community again.


If you’re good at proofreading, you can volunteer to be a proofreader through Distributed Proofreaders.


At Strive2Thrive Edu, they work to help underprivileged and underserved communities by providing tutoring services.


Another unique volunteer opportunity is through the Best Buddies organization. Through this organization, you can host a virtual chapter or “citizens activity” where you demonstrate how to make a craft, share one of your favorite recipes through an interactive cooking class, or do a calming virtual yoga class.


You can also send an ecard to children in medical centers through the Children’s Medical Foundation


Though not virtual, donating is a great way to volunteer while limiting the health risks that come with volunteering in large groups during the pandemic.


A creative volunteer opportunity presents itself through the organization Books and a Blanket where you can donate books and a blanket. Though donating may not sound very creative, if you like to sew, you can donate a small homemade quilt alongside books you’ve already read!


If you wish to help animals in need, you can also donate food, toys, leashes, collars, blankets, and dog/cat shampoo to your local shelter. Furthermore, you can donate cleaning supplies like soap, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, and paper towels.


Another place you can donate to is your local Salvation Army. You can donate items like clothes, toys, or blankets. Donated goods are then sold at their thrift stores for which they donate their proceeds to rehabilitation centers.


Keep in mind, any time used to sort, purchase, or deliver donations can be used as volunteer time. Therefore, make sure not to neglect this time taken when tracking your hours. 


Remember, these are just a few ways you could volunteer while taking safety precautions. I hope these ideas inspire you to discover a plethora of other volunteering opportunities available to help you become more involved in your community.


Happy volunteering!