Juliana Mun and Lainey Moffett Recap College & Career Week.

Not So Bad


College is one of the most important destinations we make on our journey through childhood to our eventual entrance into adulthood. Getting into your dream college is exactly why you study so hard, why you spend time patching together a resumé that will appeal to college admissions officers, and why you wait hoping there’s a spot waiting for you. Though many of us are aware of college looming ahead, the problem arises once we realize we’re not truly informed on what happens during, and even after, the four years.

This is precisely why iUP staff, guests, and volunteers came together to host a College and Career week so our students can be educated in all the personal and integral aspects of college plans, life, and the career that you must choose afterward. Today, we’ll give you a recap on a successful week that’s helped make students comfortable with that chilling word, college, and hopefully give you some comfort as well. 

Because, perhaps, college and growing up aren’t as bad as you think. 


So… What Actually Happened?

From teaching students how to build a resumé to listening in on clubs, there was a vast range of topics covered. Starting off the week was the student-created PRIDE lesson which interactively opened the discussion of the future. Continuing on through the day, former iUP alumni came back to the hallowed Adobe Live Lesson Room to answer questions from panelists and inquisitive students. On the second day, students learned how to build a captivating and robust resumé that would impress any college or job administrator. The next two days entailed another informative iUP Alumni Q&A and an additional working shop covering the ins and outs of researching and discovering the right college for you. 

At this point, the week is coming to an end and some fun will begin! The next event to take place was Club Day, where student and teacher sponsors gathered and discussed the benefits of their clubs. 

If you have ever been to an iUniversity Prep event, you know that prizes are a must, so it came as no surprise that there were multiple prizes given out to attendees at this grand occasion. In fact, the most popular attraction of the week was the multi-level scavenger hunt with over 100 players but only one winner. Another exciting prize opportunity was presented on Club Day, where students competed in a club-themed game to win a much-deserved reward. Finally, attendees of the events had the chance to enter a raffle to win an extravagant prize. With over 300 entities, the Closing Ceremony was filled with students anxiously waiting to hear if they were lucky enough to have their names drawn. Overall, the events throughout the week were both beneficial while being light-hearted and fun!


Knowledge Beats Fear 


Many people might argue that a week like this isn’t needed, which comes from a valid standpoint but, the truth is, many people also aren’t willing to admit they’re scared. The future is an unknown abyss, that we often have no way of knowing what it promises and that is a very real fear. Even though it might seem useless now to those where college is years away or even to those who are so close they can hear the calls of their career echoing, one thing cannot be disapproved:

Knowledge beats fear. 

Being informed through a week of events where you are allowed to seek out all the inquiries you have is comforting. It makes you feel like you’re not totally in the dark and that is what our goal was. We wanted students to feel safe to speak, to search for answers, and go away feeling a bit more assured about their future. 

And that’s what happened—just look at what our owls said. 


Owls Speak Up 

Still not convinced that College and Career Week is as good as it seems? Take it from a student who attended many of the events, Eve Bamber. 

Eve had this to say about College and Career Week when asked how it helped her, “College and  Career help me in so many ways! Being that my family is from another country, the people around me have very limited knowledge of the American college admissions process.” She goes on to say, “Navigating this part of high school has been difficult for me, and College and Career week helped me become more comfortable in taking charge of my future.” 

When she was asked how the week eased her fears of the future, she stated “After attending the events from College and Career Week, I feel 100 times more confident about these parts of my future. I gained precious knowledge and advice when hearing firsthand experiences from iUPrep alumni and teachers. College and Career Week eased my fear of the college admissions process and all that lies beyond.”

Everyone came out of College and Career week with new knowledge that they did not have before. Among the things that she learned, she says, “…I gained knowledge in preparing my resumé, researching colleges, preparing for colleges, and the experience from alumni students.”

All students agree with Eve when she says that “I would love to attend another College and Career Week!”

Now that you have heard one student’s outlook on this week, you may be excited to see another College and Career Week and learn as much information as you can! 


A Little More Prepared 

School is specifically designed to prepare students for college. 

The more information and facts we have on it will make us feel more confident and secure. This school event has helped many students overcome their fears about college and overall, was very beneficial to our school. Events like this have an impact, and the impact it has on you and me is why preparation for school and our future careers is worth it. Instead of worrying about the future or fussing about the little details, start from the beginning, slowly work through small steps, and eventually, you won’t feel scared anymore.

You might even look forward to it.