A poem by Yadiz Martinez.

I remember 

the first Lego that I saw 


was red

and it seemed to glow before my eyes, 

so I followed instructions and built a house, a car, and a rocket. 


time went by and I tried to build myself like I had built a house, a car, and a rocket. 

over and over I tried to make certain bricks click, but they wouldn’t come together.

over and over I tried to build my courage, but it was never as bold as the red brick. 


many years went and I forgot about that red Lego, and I started crumbling under pressure, 

until I saw it, looking bright, staring at me, 

calling me to come closer. still bright red. I picked it up and stared at it. then I built myself a 

house, a car, and a rocket. 


unexplainably, I found happiness. 

not a care in the world came 

to me while I was building. 

it let me see myself, it helped me 

let go of the stress. 


now when I feel trapped, stressed, alone, 

or scared, I think of the things that give me unexplained joy,

whether it be a board with kings and queens, a magic book, or a bold, red, glowing brick.