The Social Media Platform Is Under New Control

In a move that shocked the world, Elon Musk found himself taking over yet another company after already having control over Tesla and SpaceX. He has bought 100% of Twitter for 44 billion dollars, which amounts to $54.50 a share. With Twitter being under new ownership, along with being a completely privatized company, one can expect that changes are afoot for the popular social media platform. However, these plans are yet to be put into action.


What Does Elon Want To Do?

Everyone has probably already heard about Elon wanting to bring back free speech to the platform, but that’s not all that he wants to do. Musk has announced that he will also get rid of “spam bots” that invade the app’s comment section. Along with that, he wants Twitter to authenticate all of its human users, a feature that has plenty of positive and negative implications. Further, Musk has shown support for an edit button, a feature that was in the works a year before Musk bought the app, and is expected to arrive in the coming months. 


What Is iUP’s Opinion?

Out of all the students at iUniversity Prep that were surveyed, most of them believe that Elon Musk purchasing Twitter will have a positive impact on the app. “I don’t entirely agree with most of Elon’s opinions. I’ve never been too fond of him, but he said he’d get rid of those bots, which I think will be good,” one student responded. Another student believes that Elon won’t just settle for owning Twitter. “He is already the richest man in the world. He’s probably going to buy Amazon or one of those big companies sooner or later,” they said. Also, the majority of the respondents in the survey seemed to have a more neutral opinion on Elon Musk in general, followed by those who strongly favor him and the people who only slightly view him in a negative light.

How will this all end? No one knows for sure. Twitter could improve a lot under Elon’s ownership, or it could take a huge nosedive. At the end of the day, we will just have to wait to see the full effects of Elon Musk’s takeover.



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