Do we really value what needs to be valued?

Every minute, every second, in every aspect of your life you should feel an ounce of gratitude. Whether you own the world or whether you own nothing, you are alive and own your life. 


Different people are grateful for different things. A book savvy reader may be grateful for all the books they possess, or someone who loves cars, may be grateful for how many cars he owns 


So now, ask yourself, what are you grateful for? 


Hear the Facts!


When asked whether having a reliable and trustworthy guardian is one of the best things to be grateful for, the majority of responses from iUP said having a reliable and trustworthy guardian is one of the best things one can be grateful for.


I strongly believe that as well. Having a reliable and trustworthy guardian is really important for a child to face the outside world when needed. A guardian will prepare that little seedling into becoming a strong tree. The child will learn the importance of taking care of themselves and how to support themselves and their loved ones. 


Eve Bamber says, “Having someone to look after and care for you allows for you to live with a sense of security and safety”. When you are a child, and you are running around and get hurt, it’s your guardian that’ll look after you. That is a very good and apt statement. 


Anika Goswami says, “You should be grateful for your guardian because they provide you with food, shelter, clothing, and other privileges”. Food and shelter. The basic need for humanity. When you are a baby, who provides that? Your very own and hardworking guardian(s)!


Shivaanshi says, “They take care of you in a way that is unique”. When in need of emergency help, there is a difference between taking help from a stranger, compared to taking help from a very trustworthy guardian who you can trust no matter what situation you are in.


You might be wondering what got me inspired to write such an article? Back in Iowa, when I was younger, I always used to stay glued to my mom, and therefore, a nickname for me was produced, ‘Mumma’s Boy’. Even now, I love my guardians so much and am grateful for them every moment of my life. So, I thought of writing an article explaining how I feel about trustable and safe guardians and how we should be grateful for them.


Be grateful for what you have!

So, by reading this article, if there is one thing that should have been picked up by reading this, it’s that you should be grateful for what you have.  Especially the reason why you are even reading this and breathing, your beloved parents and guardians!


Next time you see your safe and amazing guardians, just remember, that they are the ones who kept you alive and show a sign of gratitude to the amazing people who keep you alive. 


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