A Recap of iHoot’s Spring Virtual Trivia Night!

In the 1960s, some college students had come up with the idea of asking trivia questions about pop culture, history, and other subjects. Since then, trivia has grown a great deal. Even our school’s newspaper, iHoot, has now held its second Virtual Trivia Night of this school year. The topic of this most recent VTN was Earth Day.


iHoot’s Trivia Night

The staff of iHoot held a wonderful Virtual Trivia Night on Earth Day. The event coordinators gave students the opportunity to sign up weeks prior to the day of the event, April 22nd.  By the night of the event, students were full of excitement. The trivia night provided a great opportunity for students to hang out with peers of all ages, and learn fun facts about Earth Day and other topics. The night was nothing short of a blast. The occasion kicked off with greetings and the first set of trivia questions. There were quite a few fun questions about the history of Earth Day. There were also a few questions that covered facts about our school and iHoot articles. By the end of two rounds of questions, three winners were announced. Those winners secured school merchandise as their prizes. 


My Point of View

I was a fellow attendee of this event and was not sure what to expect because I had not attended the first Virtual Trivia Night of this school year. I was pleased to be greeted by a few sunny faces of the iHoot staff such as Eve Bamber and Natalie McLaren. They created a wonderful and engaging atmosphere. I found the questions to be fascinating and ended up learning a lot. Though I did not place in the top three, I still left with the prize of new knowledge. The night ended up being such a hit, I would only hope others would consider attending a future iHoot event.