The Basics of Our School

Anika Goswami, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why iUniversity Prep was originally established, how it came to be the amazing school it is today, or who’s running the show behind the scenes? iUniversity Prep presents an excellent virtual learning model, and it has a lot to offer its students.  Let’s break it down.


The Basics

iUniversity Prep is a virtual school that is part of the Grapevine-Colleyville School District. It currently has 615 students in grades 5-12 located throughout the state of Texas. iUniversity Prep is a college-prep magnet school, and it has multiple levels of curriculum to best accommodate students’ needs. It has been ranked as the number one virtual school in Texas by various sources due to its high achievement statistics and exceptional learning environment. 


Why was iUP established?

iUP was originally established to provide a flexible class schedule for athletes, actors and actresses, models, performers, entrepreneurs, etc. These students have very tight schedules, and cannot always attend live lessons. On average, students spend about 7.17 hours at a typical brick-and-mortar school, whereas students who attend virtual school usually spend about four hours online. This allows students to pursue their passions and spend more time on other things.


Who has helped iUP get to where it is today?

Dr. Kaye Rogers, Ph.D., is currently the executive director of virtual learning here at iUP. She manages iUP, as well as the blended learning program for the GCISD school district. The dedicated staff members and high-achieving students are the reason iUP is a special place to be.


How It Came to Be an Owlsome School

iUP first opened in the 2013-2014 school year. Recently, billions of dollars in funding had been cut across the state of Texas. To gain the necessary funds, the state needed to increase taxes or get more students to enroll. So, Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District received funding for iUP and started with just a little more than one hundred students. 



Today, iUP has become much more than the small school it was back in 2013. Now, with over 600 students, it has become the number one virtual school in the state of Texas.


iUniversity Prep provides a comfortable and welcoming learning environment for students and will offer an experience like no other, making it the perfect place for success. It truly is an owlsome school that will continue to enrich young minds for years to come.


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