An Overview Of The Science Roadshow

Imagine a place where reality is flipped upside down. Your teachers show you two substances and they then combine them. In seconds, they start bubbling and foaming. You look around and realize that your classmates are there too, and you’re all laughing and wowed by what you see before your eyes. Sounds great, right? Here’s the catch: that’s exactly what the Science Roadshow is! 


What is the Science Roadshow? 

The Science Roadshow is an event hosted by iUP teachers, led by Mrs. Alwin, that provides a chance for students to learn with hands-on science experiments and demos. The Roadshow travels to different locations across Texas to ensure that all iUPrep students will be able to participate. 

The Science Roadshow has a very interesting origin, as Mrs. Alwin explained to me. “Every year in June, teachers at iUPrep are given a rare opportunity to collaborate with anyone they want to on the staff for a day of creativity…The concept of the Science Roadshow was developed on Creativity Day in June of 2020. Our former Chemistry teacher, [Ms.] Kiley Pearson, came up with the name Science Roadshow, and the Science Department collaborated to make it what it is today.

When asked about some of the featuring experiments and demonstrations, Mrs. Awlin said, “There will definitely be a wow factor in everything we do.” She continued by telling me that one of her favorite demos will be “[showing] students [a] drop of pond water. We set up microscopes and just let students explore what is in a drop of pond water. Watching protists swim around and eat algae, or each other, is better than any Netflix show.” Wouldn’t you love to see something that beats your favorite movie or series? 

The Science Roadshow will include some of your favorite Owl Professors, mainly hosted by our amazing science teachers. Recently, a Houston Science Roadshow was held at the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area and Picnic Pavilion. Some of the Owl Professors that hosted the Roadshow included Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Rains, Mrs. Alsobrook, and, of course, Mrs. Alwin. Other professors will host different Roadshow events as the Roadshow travels! 


Why Should I Go? 

By going to the Science Roadshow, you will not only learn from the experiments, but you will also be able to talk to and interact with other students there alongside your teachers! In a virtual environment, it can be hard to find many ways to interact with your peers in ways that brick-and-mortar schools do. Opportunities like the Science Roadshow allow you to socialize with other students and peers! 

Still not convinced? Listen to what your fellow Owls have to say! 

Bella, an eighth grader here at iUP, attended the Houston Roadshow meetup on October 14th. She said that “[The] experiments were really enjoyable,” also mentioning that one of the key takeaways she liked was “the physics demonstrations.” Finally, she said that “I definitely recommend going to them. There are more opportunities for socialization…[for] the most part I was with other students because with the school you need socialization, so I wanted to maximize it.

I was also able to speak with Ezra Rajagopal. He said that one of his favorite experiments was when “[Mr. Rains] got a pumpkin, tied it to a tree, and then swung it from his chin to show us that momentum would [show that] it would come back there and not smash him.” He also said, “usually I have a lot of school work…but I make sure to go to a lot of events like these, it’s pretty easy if you have the mindset that you have classes…I just imagined I had a live lesson. If you have the mindset, you can go to these events.” 

And of course, Ezra recommends going to the Science Roadshow too! He says that “I know that one of my friends, Landen Smith, was not very enthusiastic about this. And we had been good friends [since] sixth grade. I was like, ‘I’ll be there, I know a bunch of friends from last time, it’ll be great,’ so he ended up making it, which was great. And I think he kinda warmed up to the idea, so I just want to let people know: make sure to tell [the students you invite] that there are people there, they’re all your peers, they all go through the exact same thing.” 

Mrs. Alwin sums it up in a few sentences: “The Science Department is unique because we do have the experimentation aspect of each of our disciplines. You will see our passion for our subjects as we share some of our favorite experiments. And there will be a need for a blast shield!” 



The Science Roadshow is a wonderful event hosted by iUP that features many incredible sights. Finding the time to be able to attend the Science Roadshow will definitely be worth it! Take it from iUP students themselves, the Science Roadshow is something you won’t want to miss!