The Inner Beauty of a Book


I sit down on my comfy bed.

I open up a world of wonder.

A place where anything can happen,

I open a book.


A book is a portal to a world of possibilities once unknown.

Reading a book is like embarking on a journey of my own,

a journey to learn.

A book can educate me about the lives of others.

I have the opportunity to share love and hope

in our world of wonder.


Reading gives me a glimpse into an author’s creative mind.

I get to see how other people think.

I can understand the harsh roads they’ve traveled.

I can learn from the many talented people in this world

who choose to share their knowledge with us.


When I open a book, I feel free.

Like I can go anywhere.

I feel as if my life is truly magical and I can learn

to appreciate all that there is to love in this world.

I can appreciate

our world of wonder.