A Poem That Highlights the Experience of Student’s and Their Endless Amounts of Work

Before you read the poem: 

The dread of tomorrow is a realist poem that bites at your back forcing you to come to terms with the fact that what you’re doing right now is all for tomorrow–tomorrow’s wishes, tomorrow’s fun, tomorrow’s dreams. Today you must be a student–submit work– never rest, be an empty soul with only thoughts of what it could bring you tomorrow–Or at least this is what some people might feel. This poem seeks to use vague language to appeal to students at iUP who are currently struggling– feeling like all they can do is study and prep for the future while failing to fully enjoy the present. I recommend that students notice the changes in language and study the lines with intent. There’s a reason for a switch up in language and tone in the last stanza… what is it? You shall find out.


At the break of dawn,

when met with a yawn

To find oneself dreaming of tomorrow–

What greatness tomorrow might bring

If you could just finish, finish,


Finish what ill work you were given

–With a smile

Or an ache of happiness

The sweat from your face towards your finger

To the screen and to the teacher

What might it bring for you tomorrow

To where will your paper take you

The act of this repeated


When dawn rises again

You repeat tomorrow, tomorrow

Yesterday is for tomorrow

Today is for tomorrow

But what is tomorrow

Why does it DARE impose on your smile


–What a fun thought

But ‘tis just that– a thought

A thought that isn’t fully formed

You must continu’ working

Dawn comes but thy work must be-ith finished

But why tomorrow

What’f yesterday was the end

Today a new beginning.