A Club That is Devoted to Studying


Studyriffic Owls is a club you should join if you are interested in learning about the different ways you can study efficiently. It is a club where we share how we learn in different ways and styles by sharing various study tips and techniques.

Our meetings are filled with fun and engaging activities, a few videos, and Gimkits every other week. We talk about various topics every two weeks that help us share tips and techniques. We also have study time where we discuss our subjects. We also conduct breakout sessions so you can go in separate rooms with a leader and work on a subject.

Aside from meetings we also do things like discovery discussions. There is one topic that a member of the club talks about and shares their way of working. We also do “Student Spotlight” where our president, Avika Taneja, puts a randomizer every week and we put our names in the randomizer. Then she picks a name and whoever she picks shares a study tip they like to do with the group.

Here’s what the president of Studyriffic Owls said:

“My favorite part about our club is the fact that we are an open space to ask questions and get tips. We are a club that shares our studying tips and tricks, and we have fun meetings so that it is kind of also an enjoyable break from the work of daily life. That was kind of the main goal of the Study Group Chat I created last year, which has, before my eyes, grown into this awesome club I see today. One thing I would do to improve the clubs is to have more participation and activities like we had last year! I believe that the hustle of the school year has slowed down our activities, but I plan to get them up and running this semester! We have an awesome board of leaders and sponsor, Mrs. Sierra Williams. On our board of leaders we have Brighid Fowler, Dawson Baker, Maryam Syeda, and myself. We have even hosted the Cocoa and Cram with numerous other amazing clubs!” -Avika Taneja

We got some great responses from students and teachers: 

“The Studyriffic Owls has honestly been such a helpful little club this year. It’s a great place to learn how to deal with things that might prevent you from getting high marks or just completing schoolwork in general, (procrastination, mental disabilities/disorders, extracurriculars, etc) and it’s also a good time to simply get some extra studying in.” -Anonymous

“I think that the club is a really neat opportunity to study with other kids at the school. I chose to be a part of the club primarily because I missed the group study sessions that my old Brick & Mortar schools used to provide, and this club does a good job of supplementing that.” -Erin O’Connell

“I love this club!!! It is a great use of time to just get tips and work on school in study sessions. The 4 leaders Avika, Maryam, Brighid, and Dawson work great to keep the club running. After each meeting, the recording is posted and any important links if you need them. The weekly discovery discussions and student spotlights are very fun and engaging when posted in the chat. Discovery Discussions are when Avika posts a study/school question and Student Spotlights are just a fun way to get more people engaged in the Discussion. I actually joined this club last year before it became a true club because it started in my grade level chat and just grew from there. I chose to be a part of this club because it really is a great club that lets everyone really express their questions and concerns about studying and school.” -Rylee Schwartz

“Yes; it is a great way to find new study tips, be introduced to new techniques, and see how students are balancing school, loved ones, and extracurricular activities.” -Mrs. S William

“I think that Studyriffic Owls is wonderful! It’s great to have a fun place to build relationships while focusing on excelling in school!” -Mrs. Rye

Overall this club is great for someone who is looking for a study group to work with and at the same time connect with students. If you are interested, join us in our next meeting where we talk about STAAR!