Summer Programs Intro

Summer programs provided to high schoolers worldwide offer endless opportunities to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of their diverse passions. Considering students’ abilities at IUP, it’s only fitting that our passions are explored to their maximum potential. Programs hosted by different companies, colleges, and organizations allow students to expand on topics they want to pursue in the future. These sorts of programs come in diverse forms, from multi-week acting intensives to rigorous STEM classes at top universities; countless opportunities are available! Now this sparks the question…how do I find and apply to a summer program I’m interested in?


How Do I Find My Program

When looking for a summer program, you should consider what you’re interested in; this could include topics such as business, drama, journalism, STEM, or even classes at a school you wish to apply to. Determining your specific passions allows you to narrow down the type of programs you wish to apply to. After considering your interests, you should begin to look into program locations. The locations of summer programs are an important factor when considering whether or not to apply. Many students choose to apply to programs in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions because most top universities are nearby; on the other hand, some students apply to programs on the West Coast because they prefer to be in a more natural setting. Once you’ve considered everything and found some programs you like, it’s time to begin applying.


Applying To Summer Programs

The application process for summer programs has a lot of similarities to that of college applications. For the most competitive programs, you will be required to obtain letters of recommendation, submit transcripts, and write essays. Throughout the applications, you’ll be presented with essay prompts that will help the program determine whether or not your character aligns with the program’s mission. When answering these questions, the best tactic is to be yourself and show your passion for what the program offers. Apply to as many programs as you can as there is bound to be rejection even with a strong application. While the application process is tough, I can confidently say that every IUP student can find a program that speaks to their passions. 



Ultimately, summer programs are great opportunities for students who want to understand their vital interests and passions. If you, as an applicant, find a program you would enjoy and demonstrate your passions successfully, you will have a great chance at advancing your knowledge of your passion at a summer program. This could be anything from competitive STEM programs such as RSI, SSP, and MITES or even prestigious acting programs such as NYU’s Tisch or Northwestern’s Cherubs. So go find your program, start applying, and have fun!