Who is the better of the two animation giants?


While many memories make up someone’s childhood, most, if not all of us can agree that animated movies are one of the most important. There are many popular animation companies, but recently, two particular animation studios have been put head to head in a worldwide debate over who takes the crown for “The King of Animation.” These two studios are none other than DreamWorks and Disney. With the release of the newest Puss in Boots movie, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” DreamWorks stood out in the crowd for many animation lovers and earned lots of love and praise for what many consider a masterpiece of animation. I asked the opinions of a few fellow Owls here at iUniversity Prep on which studio they preferred, and let me tell you, the results are very interesting. Before we get into that, though, let’s look at some fun facts about both of these fascinating studios.

A Sneak Peek

DreamWorks and Disney are two very influential studios. They have both been a huge part of children’s childhoods all over the world. While Disney is much older than DreamWorks, they have still been able to produce amazing animated movies. This reason also gives Disney the upper hand in that they have had more time to establish themselves in the minds of many. That doesn’t mean DreamWorks isn’t a great competitor, though; that’s for sure. Many aspects of animation make a movie great, such as the characters, the plot, the setting, and more. Disney tends to focus more on the story of their animated movies, while DreamWorks focuses more on their characters, which is one of the reasons their movies do so well. Now that we’ve looked a bit more into these fun facts about the studios, here are some of the opinions of fellow Owls from our school.

Owl Responses

Firstly, I asked the opinion of Marcus Bamber, who chose to take the side of Disney. When asked why, he said, “Firstly, I am a Disney shareholder so I very much believe in their core values as a company but I think the main reason why is that Disney has been with me for every step in my life. From cartoons to the MCU and others, along with having a whole theme park, Disney wins.” I truly love this opinion and can relate to his position.

Our next iUP student is none other than Gabriella Miller. She says, “I honestly don’t watch a ton of movies. However, I think Disney animation looks nicer. As for storylines, I think both are equal; okay, but not amazing. I do have to say that Disney uses the same stories over and over, just with different characters. For example, all of the princess movies are all the same.” I completely agree with Gabriella’s opinion here.

The third iUP student who gave her commentary is Autumn Friesenhahn. Her choice between the two animation studios was Disney. “They have Disney+,” is her reason as to why she chose the studio. I like Disney+ too; it is amazing and nostalgic.

In addition to the amazing list of Owls, Jaylen Byrd states that he is a DreamWorks fan because “they’ve had so many famous movies. The characters are funny and relatable, the songs are bangers, and it’s overall funny. It’s also an awesome 90-minute way to get the kids to shut their mouths.” In my opinion, I couldn’t have said this as well as Jaylen did.

The fifth iUP student to share their opinion was Emma Robins. She stated that “I prefer DreamWorks movies over Disney movies for the stories. However, Disney animation is better than DreamWorks. To me, it seems more whimsical, but that could be Disney magic doing its thing.” I agree with her on this because both of these studios have unique things to offer.

We’re nearing the end here with Will Faulkenberry, who says, “I have seen so many Disney things; my entire childhood was Disney. Also, it has bonded with Star Wars, and I love Star Wars.” This is a great opinion if I do say so myself.

The final student who gave their opinion on this so far fantastic debate was Priya Kelley. She stated that “I like the original Disney better, but honestly, I think they’re becoming lazy with their new content. DreamWorks is still creating new and original movies rather than just reusing old storylines for live-action movies.” This is a very strong opinion that I agree with, but I also believe that every studio has its own strategy to try to pick itself back up. Not everyone is going to like it, but that may just be the only way in some cases.

The Verdict

I loved asking for the many different opinions on this very good debate. In the end, we had a 50/50 split between the votes, which I found incredibly interesting. I think that in the end, though, Disney does win by a bit because of the amount of time they’ve had to have such a big influence on a lot of people. DreamWorks does deserve quite a bit of credit, though, since their characters are so impactful and relatable to many, making the movies greater. With that, the debate about who takes the crown amongst these two giants of animation is settled. I feel that this result isn’t bad at all. With this case closed, this is the end, and I hope to write to you all soon.