Hannah Faulkner

Hannah Faulkner, Copy/Proofreading and College Corner Editor

October 31st was a day of creativity, ideas, and inspiration in Dallas. TEDxSMU provided curious students a great atmosphere to share a common passion- shaping the world. This conference was an all-day event full of various talks from speakers with diverse experiences.

iUniversity Prep strives to provide every student an opportunity to explore and discover new things. In the month of October ten virtual students gathered in Dallas to become informed and inspired.

I found my own piece of passion in the talks that inspired me to continue to do better for my community. Sadie Funk shared her experience trudging through the Ecuadorian jungle and accepting failure. Her persistence allowed her to have the experience of her life with the Peace Corps equally teaching and learning in South America. Sadie’s strength and passion for the Ecuadorian native peoples inspired me to reach out to members in my community and not be afraid to fail.

Overall, my experience at TEDxSMU was open, creative, and a great way to spend time with my virtual friends in person.