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The student news site of iUniversity Prep in Grapevine, Texas


The student news site of iUniversity Prep in Grapevine, Texas



A review of the Cowboys and the Texans performances so far
Amirah Santos Figueroa


Hello! Welcome to your very cool Texas sports review with your host Connor Reinscheld. We will be discussing how The Dallas Cowboys have been doing extremely well and how the Houston Texans have been decent. We will be interviewing very professional IUP students and getting their opinions because I may get biased. Anyways, sit back and enjoy me talking about football. 



The Cowboys are off to a great start. In the first game against the Giants, the QB fumbles the snap, causing him to get sacked. Then on the field goal attempt, Juanyeh Thomas blocked the field goal and Noah Igbinoghene picked it up and got the first touchdown of the season. The new kicker, who used to be a soccer player, missed the extra point attempt. Then after a turnover on downs, the new kicker scores a 21-yard field goal. After that, The Cowboys dominated. Scoring touchdown after touchdown, thanks to how well the defense performed. One defensive play had the Giants running back receive a pass on about the 3-yard line and then get DESTROYED by a Dallas defender forcing a fumble then number 26 grabbing it and getting another defensive touchdown. The sacks and interceptions from this game were insane. The Cowboys came out on top by a whopping 40-0, marking an incredible start to the season.Now for week 2, The cowboys are now playing against the other New York team, the Jets. The 1st quarter consisted of 1 touchdown for the cowboys then a defensive battle of punts. The second quarter had kicker Aubrey kick a 35 yard field goal then Dallas got the ball back but there was a turnover and the Jets got a touchdown. Then Dallas got another touchdown so it was pretty back and forth. The Jets got a 34 yard field goal after that and then it was halftime. To start off the 3rd quarter the cowboys got a field goal after a turnover. Then The Jets fumbled it and after an almost defensive touchdown but was ruled later he was down by contact Dallas then got a field goal. Dallas starts with it in the 4th quarter getting ANOTHER field goal. Dallas then gets a Interception and omg another field goal. Then there’s another interception, then a turnover, then another interception and yeah not as exciting as the first one but they still won 30-10. In total the Cowboys were 70-10 in points, a crazy start.



The first game was against the Baltimore Ravens. We started off by a turnover on downs… Yep, that’s the Texans alright. We got an interception though! We lost the ball again and the Ravens got a touchdown. Both teams cycle through the ball for the 2nd quarter and we manage to get 2 field goals. Now for the 2nd half the wheels came off with the Ravens scoring a touchdown. We lost the ball on another turnover on downs and they got another touchdown. We turnover the ball and gain possession on a fumble then in the 4th quarter we get another field goal. Our defense holds up but our offense fumbles the ball and they get a field goal. 3rd turnover on downs of the game and the games over. Pretty disappointing for Texans fans to lose the first game 9-25, but on the bright side the Cowboys won. Week 2 looks like a fresh start, we’re playing the Colts who also lost and we might win today, Wrong. We start off by letting the Colts have a touchdown. Then since the offense is very mean they fumble the ball and the defense is apparently taking a day off because it’s another touchdown for the Colts, but at least we got 1 as well after that rough start. After a quick cycle it’s the second quarter. Some more cycling and Indianapolis gets a Touchdown. We manage to get a field goal while the Colts get another Touchdown.To begin the 2nd half, both teams didn’t get much. In the 15 minutes the Colts managed to get a Field goal and we got nothing to mark a totally eventful quarter.. The 4th quarter was the only one that was actually good for the Texans. We start with a field goal and then we get the ball back for a Touchdown. We get the ball again and miss a field goal. That’s pretty much the end of the game but hey, there’s high hopes for week 3. We lost 31-20 in the game against the Colts and in total. In total we went 29-56, for your information.



(Because everyone loves those)

I asked 3 students for their opinions on the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans performance so far.

First up, we have iHoot’s very own news section editor and iHoot fan favorite Danny Hall with his thoughts on the Cowboys and Texans.

“In my opinion, the Dallas Cowboys did honestly exceed my expectations in the first 2 weeks of the NFL season. I know a lot of Cowboys fans are incredibly confident that they will win the Super Bowl for once, but I’ve never really been on that side of things. In their game against the New York Giants in particular, I was fairly confident that the Cowboys would win, but I didn’t think that they would win 40-0. Regardless of how poorly the Giants played in that game, I personally think that if a team can win by as much as the Cowboys did in that game, then something is clearly going right. As for the Texans, despite the fact that they went 0-2 in their first 2 weeks of the NFL season, I still think that Texans fans should be satisfied with where the team is at currently, especially compared to their last few seasons. Rookie QB CJ Stroud has been doing great for the Texans so far into the season, and despite losing against the Ravens and the Colts, the Texans should be feeling quite optimistic about how Stroud has been performing, and they should expect to eventually get to winning games with Stroud leading the way.”

Next up we have Marcus Bamber, an editor-in-chief at iHoot and the former sports section editor, with his opinion on the two teams.

“I agree with Danny, the Texans have so far surprised me. Rookie Quarterback C.J. Stroud is performing at a level not seen by a Texan Quarterback in a long time. Hopefully, C.J. Stroud can continue to play at this level and there might be playoffs on the horizon later down the line. Aside from this, now we move on to the Cowboys, after Sunday’s blowout victory, I can see Cowboys fans already looking to that Lombardi Trophy. However, the Cowboys are 3-1 for a reason, that loss against the Cardinals really showed the Cowboys team that we know and love. I expect that this week’s game against the 49ers will go very much in the same direction. The Cowboys finally go up against a formidable playoff opponent in the 49ers and this performance is likely to be an indicator of how this season will go and how it will end. That being said, the Cowboys are doing great so far and I very much enjoy seeing them demoliting some of the worst teams in the NFL, it must be quite amusing to watch if you are a Cowboys fan. I agree with Curtis as well, so far it has been a great year for the football teams of Texas we just have to hope that they both keep in up across the rest of the football season. Who even knows, we might see a Texas-Texas battle in the Super Bowl.”

Finally, we have Curtis Bamber, who is an assistant editor-in-chief at iHoot. You’re probably confused with who Curtis is unless you’re in IHoot, because everyone in iHoot knows about  the iconic Bamber bro duo. Yes, this is free advertising, Join IHoot today. Anyways, here’s Curtis response regarding how the Cowboys and Texans have performed so far this season.

“I haven’t paid attention to football lately, but I have noticed that the Texans aren’t doing that bad this year. I don’t follow the Cowboys as I am not a fan of the team, but I am surprised by the Texans. I am hoping that they keep this up and don’t make any big changes that result in major losses. The Texans are tied in their division as everyone else is also 2-2, so the Texans actually have a chance of making the Playoffs if they keep it up. Even though I am not a fan of the Cowboys, I am very excited about how they are destroying other teams. They have lost 1 game, but they have blown out the other three games. I can’t believe they beat the Giants 40-0 and destroyed the Patriots, 38-3. These two games really surprised me, as well as them beating the Jets 30-10, especially as the Jets have been getting better over the years. Overall, both teams are doing well this season and I am very surprised by the current outcome. Hopefully, both teams continue this good streak and go on to win more games.”

The responses were not limited to just the first 2 weeks of the season, but this article took more than that amount of time to make. Anyways, thank you Danny, Curtis, and Marcus for giving your opinions.



Overall, the Cowboys and the Texans are both doing decent and if we are branching into week 3 and 4 I’m very impressed with the Texans for getting 2 wins with both being 20+ point wins. With how dominant the Texans are right now, it’s safe to say that this team has a strong chance of making the playoffs. As for the Cowboy, they are also very strong in week 3 and 4 Unfortunately we lost to Arizona which is very disappointing but we are still ranked 5th total. The Eagles are a major threat but other than that we might win a playoff game this year. Anyways, unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and one of those things is this article. I hope you enjoyed reviewing the Cowboys and the Texans and who knows, one of these teams could be playing in the Super Bowl this year.



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