Not By Gender, But By Faith

Student Shares Her Take on Her Faith


Katerina Rigopolous, Entertainment and News/Special Interest Editor

This article is a reflection of one student’s thoughts and opinions on her faith. This article does not reflect iUniversity Prep or Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.

It is in First Timothy that we learn the roles of women, according to Paul. He talks of quietness and learning in full submission and childbearing and modesty and with no authority over man, and I must say that when I first heard this I wasn’t too pleased.

Quietness is definitely something I don’t do well and I can’t even think of the phrase “full submission” without cringing, so when I heard these words come out of a Bible I was borderline furious. I’d read and believed in this daunting and beautiful book my whole life and no one ever told me it housed this kind of perspective. I almost felt deceived. How could I possibly agree with such ancient and demeaning views? But then, after ranting for a good amount of time to my mom about this atrocity, I started to think.

This is what I came up with: balance does everything for faith just as it does life. Quietness helps us better listen, childbearing is a pretty amazing skill, modesty is probably for the better, learning in full submission would help you stay focused on what’s important, and to not have authority over man doesn’t mean men having authority over women is okay either. This is why women apostles, martyrs, and saints have spread the Gospel and advanced the Church from the beginning of Christianity, because they all were aware of these standards and understood the wholesome effect of balance in life and faith.

Without women, think about that statement- half a statement really, but do think about it. Because you see women, throughout time, have always been the ones to sustain. Woman of course can’t take credit for everything; I mean men have definitely done their share in things. But women, women are the ones who give for no personal gain other than to watch another person thrive, and who chose to stand up for equality of race and gender while still working to balance tradition, and who are the driving force for everything from making sure everyone has clean clothes to making sure everyone gets to church at least while there’s still a shot at communion. So if women are great, religious women must be outstanding.

The significance of women in the Church is immeasurable. There have been thousands, if not millions, of inspiring and devoted women in Church throughout the centuries. It was the women who learned of Jesus’ resurrection and in turn told of such news to the apostles. Not the other way around. Without their belief and persistence nobody would have learned of the magnificent event. It was St. Katherine who chose belief and education as opposed to only education and wealth, not her father and peers. Because St. Katherine knew that without faith in God, her privileged education meant nothing. It is my mother who had me, just like all mothers have their children. But it is my mother who helped me feel special when I was unhappy by retelling the story of my patron saint.

I am strong because I am woman, but I am resilient because I am faithful.