From Brick and Mortar to Virtual

J.S., Staff Writer

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      Like the majority of the world, I had absolute hatred towards my school. I felt like I was learning nothing and I was attending this horrible place just to be involved with pointless and endless drama. The students were very disrespectful towards others and bullying was a major issue, especially in middle school. I wanted to find a way out, I just wanted to attend school for education purposes only, and that’s why i switched to online school.

Before I list the pros and cons I have faced in both online and public school, i want to make it clear that you need to obtain certain attributes to be fit for an online program. Online school is definitely not for everyone. You must be extremely organized and responsible. You will not have a teacher on top of your head instructing you on what and what not to do. You are in control of your school life, you start at any time and end at any time, but also must attend Live Lessons so you don’t miss any important material.

At first I was very skeptical about going virtual. It had been the first time I would be on my own, with no social life. For my freshman year I started attending iUniversity prep and I admit it was the best decision I’ve made in my life. I have learned more online than I have in the entire three years of middle school. I wake up at about eight a.m and finish at around eleven to twelve depending on how many assignments i must complete for the day.

Many people believe online school is a more lazy way of doing school, and they couldn’t be farther from the truth. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my friends told me how “lucky I am to get to stay in my pj’s all day and work for like thirty minutes”. I’m not gonna lie that is how I thought it would be when I started as well. The truth is I get ready every morning just as i did on a normal school day. When you stay in pajamas all day you tend to get very lazy and undetermined, you slack off on your work. Always get ready, refreshed and eat a good breakfast before starting your day.

As of now, I have not seen anything about online school that I do not like. The education is great, the live lessons are fun and informative and with all honesty I do not miss the social aspect of public school. On my own I have discovered who I truly am without the bad influence around me and I am so much happier. If you are organized and responsible I believe that you could do very well in an online school. I wholeheartedly believe that online school is far more practical than a traditional public school. Join online school and discover the inner you. You will turn into a student who is very well prepared for college.

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