A fun and easy way to emphasize your decorations.

Courtney Fenech, Staff Writer

The focus of Thanksgiving is the food, not only because it is the one day of the year you can eat all you want and not be judged, but also because it is what the holiday is known for.  However, people seem to lose sight of how far Thanksgiving décor can go when dealing with a festive atmosphere and style.  I know what you are thinking…after Halloween, Thanksgiving decorations seem bland and almost pointless.  But I am here to give you a simple way to spice up your table on the day of the great feast.


Gilding fruit is a fun and easy way to not only give your table an original twist, but to also make the more toned down Thanksgiving décor exciting.  First, you want to choose the types of fruit you want to use on your table as adornments, however you want to make sure you choose those that represent the holiday.  For example, a few good fruits to use would be pumpkins, squashes, or apples. It is ok if the fruit that you choose is misshapen or has imperfections, it makes it more realistic!  Next, you want to use white paint and cover the entire fruit (the stems as well) with two coats to have a solid, colorless base.  Once you have your white base coat, you are going to take gold floral spray and coat the fruit with it.  When you get to this step, make sure to use the spray outside so you do not get it on any other objects in your house.  Also, you should use something to cover your nose and mouth to avoid any inhalation of fumes. When it comes to placing your now golden fruit, it depends on where you want your guest’s attention to be drawn.  Some good choices of placement are the center of the table or next to the plates.


Now that you have this great décor option up your sleeve, your thanksgiving feast will be all anyone can talk about.  Not only because of the great food that you will make, but also because of the festive atmosphere that you will create with a few easy steps.  Your gilded fruit will be a huge crowd pleaser, just don’t forget to follow the steps accordingly, or it won’t turn out as hoped.  Have a golden Thanksgiving!