Don't procrastinate! Here are some reasons why you should not do such a thing.


Tricia Minter, Staff Writer

 A procrastinator is someone who puts things off intentionally and habitually. A lot of students procrastinate when it comes to school work or other things such as jobs. Maybe you have had an essay for a class or a school project that you knew was going to take hours. A lot of times you will tell yourself things like, “I will just do it tomorrow”, and when you get there the cycle just keeps going. In this situation, you can put yourself at risk for low grades and a bad reputation. But why would you risk that? Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t procrastinate before an essay:

  1. When you hear that you have an essay, you should immediately plan what to write and what format you want. It isn’t always easy work so you want to be prepared and have a plan. Procrastinating might seem great for the time being, but when you don’t have anything you can think of its frustrating.


  1. Rather than binge-watching Netflix, you should check the web for things like interviews or pieces for your article. The more time you spend on your essay, the better your grade will be.


  1. If you spend all of your time doing other things before, you will be at the last-minute mark. This moment is very stressful because you have to cram hours of thinking into 20 minutes on a paper.


Ultimately, there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself on track when you get distracted or feel the need to do things other than work. You can keep your hands occupied or turn all other devices off. Procrastinating seems fine for the first part until your grades come in. Be smart! Don’t procrastinate.