Here are a few tips on how to have a farmhouse style bedroom!


Abbey Copeland, Staff Writer

There comes a point in one’s life where they decide that their bedroom is due for an update, whether it be adding extra storage or completely starting over each revision helps to create a new atmosphere in your room. With all the different types of social media out in the world, it is quite easy to get inspiration for someone who has no idea where to begin, though having all this media present you can start to see what repeats itself when it comes to remodeling. This is the very popular farmhouse style. Now you may have heard of the show Fixer Upper which is arguably where this trend began, though with or without this show farmhouse decor has taken interior design by storm. Since the increasing inclination people have begun renovating to achieve this certain style, and once you have completed the project your bedroom will surely be one for the magazines.


In order to achieve this desired look you need to begin by thinking minimally, because the less the better. Finding that perfect balance of furniture to decor can be hard, though one way to make it seem less cluttered is by painting the walls a soft white, or if you really want to go for the complete look have an accent wall using white shiplap. With the use of bright and airy colors your room will automatically seem bigger even though you just paint the walls. Once you have finished painting the walls the next step would be to pick a bed frame. There are many different bed frames that fit in the farmhouse spectrum ranging from a simple white wood to rod iron, however black rod iron seems to be the most popular at the moment. The reason for that particular bed frame to be used the most is because this style has a mix of new and old incorporated throughout. Using the rod iron will give the room an antique feeling, though not being too old fashioned at the same time. Having the bed frame chosen means it’s time to pick out a comforter. For this style white bedding is the easiest route to go, since it is easy to find and you can pick from the numerous options that are just a variation on a theme. By this point everything seems to be white with the exception of the bed frame, though in order to mix it up a bit add some wood accents to compliment all the white. One of the best ways to incorporate wood are the nightstands, which in turn will give the room a more rustic vibe. Another option for including wood is by installing a shelf above your bed. This way you can put pictures or antiques along the plank to personalize the room to make it feel like yours. The last basic aspect of farmhouse would be the lighting, though there are a lot of options, therefore I will give the most fundamental for this portion. Beginning with the light coming from the ceiling, which is without a doubt the most important of the lighting features. Having the simple hanging light bulbs would be the most common, though to make it more original attach mason jars to the light. With the mason jars attached hang the cords at different lengths to make it seems more intricate. Once you have the ceiling light worked out the next portion would be to add sconces on either side of the bed. For this you can get anything from a caged light to a simple, light bulb coming out, but it really all depends on the preference as does everything else you choose.


Since all the lighting has been decided, you can move on to the smaller items on the list. This may include shelving along the walls or the pillows on the bed, meaning that this last part is mostly up to the person renovating. Just remember when picking out things such as pillows to think of the style of the room at hand, which means you should stick to the simple pillows staying in the same color spectrum. However if you would like to add a pop of color you can do so by incorporating them in the pillows along with a couple of decor items in the same color so nothing seems out of place. This also applies when you are putting items on the shelves, which means you should think back to the style in which you are decorating with therefore everything feels like it has a purpose.


Renovating your bedroom in the highly desired farmhouse style can be difficult, though if you remind yourself less is more you will surely come out on top. The small wood accents along with the rod iron will make everything feel in place, therefore keeping things simple will in turn allow your room to be one for the ages.


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