Longest government shutdown

Mckenna Moczygemba, Photography/Social Media Director

The government shutdown started on December 22 and will hopefully end soon. The shutdown all began when congress failed to pass a key spending package which affects a lot of the major agencies like transportation, agriculture, and the justice department. Another reason a lot of people might think about the shutdown is that president Trump is vetoing the funding bills to build his wall because Mexico isn’t paying for it, which is causing a 5-billion-dollar shutdown. Some people think its senates and governors getting hurt. But really, it’s the postmen, park rangers, and other lower federal employment. As well as TSA lines are facing logjams as more workers call in sick. The Smithsonian museums all have been shut down since the first week in the new year, because they ran out of the reserve funds. The coast guards and the agriculture department have not been funded. Luckily, food stamps are going to be funded through February, but they could run out afterward. But what might make some peoples blood boil is that visitors are trashing national parks, because they have limited staff so it’s hard to watch out for those people and pick it up. Some people, however, are helping to pick up some of the slack. Another reason people may get super mad is that lots of federal workers missed their first of the year paycheck. Many people are protesting the shutdown all over DC and Chicago as well as other areas.

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