New fire


McKenna Moczygemba, Photography/Social Media Director

As many people know, it’s drought season, which means it’s fire season. That means lots of fires, such as the one in my hometown Floresville, TX, where there have been three fires over the last ten days–in this small country town! Sheds and other personal surroundings were also affected. Out of the three houses, two had families living inside of them. All the houses, unfortunately, lost pets as well as sentimental values. All of these families need clothing, meals, and cleaning supplies.

There are some new household precautions available to prevent fires. Currently, there is a sound wave fire extinguisher, which is basically just using sound to put out fire; so far it is only in the prototype stage. But if it does work, not only will it put out fires but it will also help save water–and it will help to lessen chemical pollution. Another cool and helpful device is a personalized vocal smoke alarm. Let’s say a child is asleep and the fire alarm is going off, but they don’t wake up and you can’t get to them. Well, there are fire alarms that have voices already, but this one is special because you could insert your voice (children tend to respond to their parent’s voice). The product is called Vocal Smoke Alarm–a pretty simple name. On the smoke alarm, parents can also tell their children how to get out of the house safely.