Don't continue "hibernating"--there's plenty to do in this allergy-ridden season!


Abigail Perry, Staff Writer

Hey everyone!  Spring is here and there are so many fun things to do!  Don’t just sit around and wait for summer; spring deserves to be a first choice for once.  Everybody always just wants summer to come around, but why not give spring a chance to really shine?  Here are some totally awesome things to do in spring!

Right now, everything is blossoming and turning green! Why not go into the outdoors and breathe the fresh air?  Winter is over, which means hibernating and staying inside watching Netflix is not the trendy thing to do. Go plant something, take a hike,  or even have a good old fashioned picnic with the fam. If you really want to live out the spring season there are many festivals, concerts and drive-in movies to see.  To see what festivals are near you, just simply look up “things to do near me,” and so many different fun things will pop up that are going right around you. If you are wanting to do some simple activities, you could make a bird feeder and watch the baby birds, plant some fruits and veggies, or simply take a walk around the park. Spring is all about being happy! So do what makes you happy! I like to wear bright colors and hang out outside as much as I can.

Go have fun! There is no time to waste inside!  Get outside and enjoy the nice cool breeze in your hair and the cute new baby animals!  I love spring, and I hope you do too!