Being an athlete at iUP has it's ups and downs


Taryn Laurence

Taryn Laurence, Photography Editor

Why did you decide to attend iUniversity Prep? I bet there is an endless list of reasons why teens like us decided to switch to an online schooling program. For many of us, that reason was sports. We have countless athletes here, from gymnastics and dancers, to soccer players and football players. So what’s it like? Allow me to explain.

Being a student requires a lot of time and effort, and so does any sport. As an athlete, teens spend hours in the gym or on the field training because like anything else, it takes practice to be good at something. However, we throw a bit more on our plate by juggling education along with athletics. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find time for both training and studying. Many athletes will head to the gym in the morning to begin their training, where they spend a fair amount of time perfecting their skills. Typically student will then switch modes and begin studying. Now this may sound like a simple schedule, but any student-athlete will tell you how difficult it is to balance the two and still manage success in both.
While many average students have free time in their day, athletes do not. For example, trying to attend LiveLessons, or submitting an assignment on time, is harder for those who have to fit activities into their schedule than those who keep their calendar open. Now I’m not saying that others don’t have things they do on a regular basis, but I am implying that athletes have a much stricter routine than the average student.
At this point it probably seems miserable to do sports and be a regular student all at the same time. However, that is totally not true. It’s good for everyone to find something they love and to keep an often practice with it. With athletes, being in the gym, or on the field, or in the studio is their passion. To be able to be a part of something they love is a beautiful thing, and that is why I think it is a type of sacrifice for teens to give up going to a regular public school where they can meet new people and be a part of new things and make the switch to an online program where they may not have as many opportunities.
So all in all, being a student-athlete can be very stressful and time-consuming. But in the end, it can be very rewarding.