Two new foldable phones have been released, how do they compare?


The new Galaxy Z Flip

Abigail Shaw, Staff Writer

Both of these phones feature a retro foldable design, with an external display screen. Sure, these phones seem like they’re kind of pointless because we evolved from folding phones, but they’re actually pretty neat in many ways, including the fact that the screen is foldable, this has been done with the Galaxy Fold before, but this is a real upgrade.


The Galaxy Z Flip is on the market for $1,380 and has thin, foldable glass covering it but the crease is noticeable. When unfolded, the screen display is 6.7 inches with a resolution of 300×112 pixels. The external display is 1.1 inches wide that allows you to answer phone calls, interact with notifications, take selfies, and view the date, time and battery. Speaking of battery, the Flip has 3,300 milliamps an hour, which is more than the Razr’s battery life. The flip has 256 GB of storage but there is no expandable storage yet. The Flip has 2 rear cameras, one of which is ultra-wide. The rear cameras are both 12 MP, and the front camera is 10 MP. The Flip is also lighter than the Razr, along with being slightly smaller when folded. 


Though there was no picture available for this phone, the Motorola Razr is selling for $1,500 and has plastic covering it, with a hardly noticeable crease. When unfolded, the display screen is 6.2 inches with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. The external display is 2.7 inches that can work in two ways. When locked, it’s a sort of peek display that allows you to see notifications. When you unlock the screen, you can access accessories like brightness, Bluetooth, WiFi, flashlight, and you can take selfies with the rear camera. You can also view the battery, which is 2,510 milliamps an hour. The storage of the Razr is 128 GB, which is almost half of the Flip’s and has no expandable storage.  The Razr has 1 rear camera, which is 16 MP. There is no front camera, however. Many people would say the design of the Razr is better than the Flip, because of how similar it is to a foldable from the late 1900s. The external screen is also more useful than the Flip’s. 


In the end, I would go with the Galaxy Z Flip for multiple reasons, including the smaller design and the storage. However, many people seem to prefer the Motorola Razr. So, if you have the money, go ahead and go buy whichever you like. These phones are both very unique and have a nice design to them.