Worldwide pandemic harshly impacting many businesses

As many of you are well aware, COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone around the world. Schools are being closed. Airports are shutting down. And in a lot of regions, nobody is allowed to even leave their house. On March 11 of 2020, the World Health Organization, more commonly known as WHO, declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic, making it the first occurrence since the H1N1 disease, the swine flu, in 2009. This disease labeled as COVID-19, or more publicly referred to as coronavirus, has done major amounts of damage, to people, the environment, the economy, and so much more. 

Currently, the properties of the virus are very well known. Those who carry the virus suffer from flu-like symptoms such as persistent coughing, fatigue, or a fever. Some extreme cases have also documented shortness of breath. It is a general idea that the virus targets those with pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and many more. 

All the prior information is proven to be correct and well known among our society, but when many, if not most think of COVID-19, they think of the common facts. Symptoms, properties, and general media conversion. It is just as important though to step back and take a quick glance on how the COVID-19 virus outbreak is affecting the habits in our present-day society. 

So how is the outbreak affecting business? Well, to put it in simple terms, life has been canceled for many European countries, Asian countries, and of course America. The majority of American business has been shut down in an attempt to dampen the spread of the virus. Places such as clothing stores, athletic stores, and lots of other leisure companies have been closed for the time being. Even restaurants are closing! Other places such as local gyms and schools have all postponed activity until the said date in April. 

Businesses for unnecessary pleasures have pretty much all closed to prevent gatherings and spread. However lots of places remain open to provide people with what they need. Lots of restaurants, not all but a good portion, have continued to do business. These restaurants have closed their seating areas and reverted to drive-thru, pick up, and delivery. Grocery stores have had lots of business due to people having a growing need for basic, every day groceries. And finally, hospitals and emergency rooms have experienced extreme amounts of work. Doctors and nurses have been very busy with all the responsibilities thrown on them due to the virus.

Overall, if a business that sells items not necessary for a day-to-day need, it is probably closed. The worst part though is that we don’t even have a schedule for the outbreak. The only things we can do right now is to be smart and be safe. Keep washing your hands, limit your distance from people, limit your outings to only when necessary, and most of all, remember to smile. We’re all in this together.