Owl You Need Is Books


Alison Brennan, Proofreader

Have you ever wondered what the Book Club is and what it entails? The Book Club is a club where people who enjoy reading and talking about books go to meet up with like-minded individuals. The club meets at 4:00pm on Wednesdays in the sponsor, Ms. Kellie Brown’s, live lesson room. Ms. Brown says she enjoy this club because she loves reading, and loves sharing that passion with others. What does she think is most exciting about this club? The discussions. As she says, “There are quite a few bright, enthusiastic students in the group and I enjoy listening to them interact.” She mentions that she is very excited for a website they are creating that will allow them and the rest of the student body to view their recommended book list, latest book selection, and hopefully allow us to read their discussion boards. The Book Club is an exciting organization that will kindle the love of reading in the students. What is there not to be excited about?